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The Styling Hutch - Plano, Texas, United States

Dec 13, 2010 - Dee is awesome. She can make my mushroom head look like a million dollars without spending that amount. As a teen, I abused my hair in all ways that teens do (color, cut, pulling a perm through my hair to try and straighten it, etc)...but I learned to love my locks. But, finding a stylist who understood them was difficult...until I found Dee. When my old stylist passed away, I went without one for two years -- no cut, color, etc. - and it was horrible. Then, I met a string of people who should not be within 100 feet of curly hair. Finally, I found the Styling Hutch and Dee. Dee can (and has for me): 1. fix a bad cut 2. cover gray 3. highlight without making me look like a candy cane 4. condition without making my hair greasy 5. fix the mushroom cloud 6. show me how to do my hair at home that saves time! 7. cut long, curly hair and still keep the length 8. give the Ouidad cut and explain why it works 9. sell product to me that I need without stalking me to buy stuff I don't need 10. keep to her schedule...I am never waiting on her The list could be longer, but for the sake of space, I simply declare that Dee rocks! The Styling Hutch is also a great palce to go if you do not want pretension. They don't need to have disco lighting, trance music, or a wine bar...they cut good hair and you do not have a headache when you leave. Plus, the people that work there look...well, normal. I am a professional, and I do not want my hair cut by someone whose taste level I find questionable. I understand the freedom of hair, but it is nice to see people who understand a professional business climate. J Allen December 2010