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Curltopia - Atlanta, Georgia, United States
She never told me her name

Jan 31, 2011 - Curltopia is just another salon... don't be fooled by their website like i was! -- Did the salon atmosphere meet my standards? Yes. -- How was my customer service? Poor. -- Was I offered a beverage? No -- Did my stylist educate me about my hair? No. -- Did they explain how to use the correct products for my hair type? No. -- Did my hair service exceed my expectations? Not in the least. If you visit the "services" page on www.curltopia.com, you'll notice the headline states, "All of our services include a shampoo, complimentary deep conditioning treatment, consultation, the service, a prescription of the products we hand-selected specifically for you, and instructions on how to maintain your hair at home." Here's what i received: a shampoo, complimentary deep conditioning treatment, and the service. I did not get a consultation, prescription of products, nor instructions for home-maintenance; this is very upsetting since the ONLY reason I visited Curltopia was to receive a consultation. Not only did I make this clear to the young lady at the front desk, I also told my stylist (who never even told me her name) before she started my hair. While she did a nice two-strand twist, and told me what products she was using on my hair, she failed to clarify whether I should try these products at home. In fact, she failed to give me any advice on my hair-type and how to care for it. Furthermore, after she was finished with my two-strand twist (a process which took FIVE HOURS?!), I had to ASK her questions about the style. As I was checking out with the lady at the front desk, she suggested some products, but none that would specifically cater to my hair. So, I ended up purchasing a pricey tub of curl creme that doesn't seem to be doing much for my tresses. I expected to walk out of Curltopia with more knowledge about my curls and how to care for them, but honestly, I feel as though I'm right where I started: frustrated. On another note, the atmosphere was clean and pleasant, and it didn't smell of pressed/relaxed hair like many salons do. Even though I was never offered any, they had fresh coffee and tea available to patrons; also, everyone wasn't talking/chatting/gossiping like the salons i'm used to. Nonetheless, Curltopia doesn't specialize in educating their consumers about their hair; they specialize in STYLING natural hair. The stylists do a great job or styling, but THAT'S ALL THEY DO - DO NOT GO TO CURLTOPIA EXPECTING A "CONSULTATION"... you'll be disappointed.