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Bigen Vivid Shades Semi-Permanent Hair Color - Royal Purple

Sep 08, 2015 - *Note: I have 4a/4b high porosity hair color Dark Brown with some gray I received my Bigen Vivid Shades kit with the Royal Purple hair color, powder bleach, and developer. There was also a little container of conditioner. I was intimidated when I opened the box because I have NEVER worked with bleach and developer on my hair. I live in Arizona with hot dry air and very hard water. The last thing I wanted to do was strip my hair to the point where the AZ elements do maximum damage. I was nervous but there was no need to be. The instructions were extremely easy and thorough. I wouldn't call my hair virgin (maybe it is at this point), but I have not colored it (Traditional or Henna) in several years. I erred on the side of caution in doing two skin tests to make sure there were no issues. I also did a test run on shed hair (Yes I'm weird). After 2 days of testing, I was ready to take the plunge and create some nice purple highlights and tips. The bleaching process was simply and within minutes my hair began to lighten. Once I finished the bleaching step, I did a thorough washing and conditioning. Next I applied the color. My favorite color is purple and let me tell you, Bigen got it right with this shade! It is noticeable but not day-glo, rich royal deep purple. I think if I had started with lighter hair, I would have gotten more vivid results. I left it on for about 10-15 minutes, washed it out, and did a long deep conditioner under my hairtherapy heat cap. As I said earlier I live in Arizona, hot very dry atmosphere, and hard water. These combined with bleaching hair usually is a disaster, but not with Bigen. I can confidently say that my hair feels as healthy as it did before I colored it. I will double up on my moisture routine (moisturizing twice a day instead of once) to be on the safe side but I don't foresee problems. TL;DR Bigen Royal Purple color kit was easy to understand and apply. Do a skin test and strand test before applying to your hair. Make sure you condition your hair in between the bleaching and coloring steps, and also after coloring. Don't be afraid to give your hair a bit of pop! Works great on My 4a/4b high porosity hair.