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Ambassadors - Concord, Ontario, Canada

Feb 23, 2010 - I started going to The Curl Ambassadors (downtown location)about a year and a half ago. I was skeptical. Any hairdresser I had come in contact with up to that point always spoke and acted like they knew my hair better than I did. And, like many other curly haired people, I believed them and was left with a frizzy, unmanageable disaster to tame. I went for a curly-doo, initially just looking for new product; which I love. When my old hairdresser told me she was taking off to Italy indefinitely, I began conducting "interviews" for my new hairdresser. Angela got the "job". Angela, listened to my concerns (read fears) about cut, color, cost, basically any sort of change (the change I really wanted but thought I would never be able to have because of my curls); every time I had previously attempted a change, I received a frizzy, puffy, uneven, uncontrollable mess (which usually resembled a triangle),unless it was hard as a helmet with gel. My hair was in the middle of my back when I began seeing Angela. Just a couple of weeks ago, with a knotted stomach and a pale face, and after nightmares of a horrific outcome, Angela (with my go ahead)chopped it off (when dry, it sits above my shoulders). It was the best decision I've made in years. I've loved my hair and always took the time to make it the best I possibly could. But, I NEVER imagined it would be THIS awesome. This time, instead of feeling like the same person that came from a "just another trim" hair appointment, I literally walked out with the biggest grin on my face.Who knew that I'd leave the salon that day with half the amount of hair, feeling sexy, attractive and confident (with no makeup on and in a jogging suit and runners); a shiny new version of myself only a hundred times better? Everyone at this salon, is friendly(I asked everyone's opinion before and after I decided to have my hair chopped off)and I honestly just kept thinking, "like every other place I've been to, they probably don't care what I do with my hair" and perhaps they don't. But they ABSOLUTELY care that I LOVE my hair regardless of what it looks like. Their priority is that you are happy with it. Angela called me a few days following my big chop, to see if I still loved it. No hairdresser or stylist has ever followed up with me and knowing that she cared enough to call, made my entire week. It took me a while to trust them, but they take the time to make sure you're comfortable and happy. Some may find them a bit pricey, but, waking up every day with the best hair you've ever had is worth every cent! In Angela, I trust!!