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Akada - Columbus, Ohio, United States

Jan 22, 2011 - 4B rater :) (I put that because I was searching high and low for kinky/coily haired raters of Akada Salon and couldn't find one; just in case you're doing the same :) After much deliberation and self-talk, I finally convinced myself to try Mindi at Akada salon. I was really afraid considering that I had never let a White woman touch my hair before. To my delight, she is quite skilled and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed working with her. We sat and discussed my expectations and she gave me a nice cut while it was in it's natural state (most salons want to blow out my hair to cut it, which i find frustrating). I loved that she was not afraid of diving into my hair (like I would expect most people to be). She got in there, gave me a nice shape, shampooed, conditioned and...get this... TWISTED MY HAIR. I was shocked. I did NOT expect her to coil/single-strand twist my hair. But she did. My hair unraveled quite a bit by the time she was done twisting and I was afraid of what it would it would look like after it was dry. So I went to the bathroom to combined some of the single strand twists into double strand twists. I sat under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes (feeling and unraveling as it dried). Afterwards, I went back to the bathroom to untwist and fluff- AND IT LOOKED GREAT. Sure, it took a little work on my part, but I was okay with that. I'm hoping that maybe next time I can convince her to do double strand twists (she's really nice and I bet she would be game for trying it out). SIDENOTE: lots of awkward stares from her colleagues. It was like they hadn't seen coily hair before (perhaps they hadn't). That was disappointing and awkward. But I did enjoy working with Mindi so I've decided to just go on slow days.