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Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray

Jun 30, 2011 - I really like this stuff!! It's not a smoothing serum, it's a "refresher" and it smells SO good!! I bought the Ouidad travel pack, and I liked this so much, I went back and bought the full-size bottle. I will refill the little bottle and keep it in my purse so I can do a little spritz when I'm frizzing. It is not dis-similar to spritzing water, but it adds some extra moisture & control to my hair when I feel it getting bigger and bigger. It's not a mircale product, but it really does come in handy, and I love the smell, so I'll definitely keep on buying it!!

Joico JoiWhip

Jun 30, 2011 - I have NEVER used a better mousse in my life! I"m so glad to find it on here because now this stuff is like $17 at the salons - I've been using it since the late 90's (When the price was about what it is on here), and I've tried alternatives, but I keep going back to this!! I have naturally 3c/4a curls (BKT 3a/3b) and it is VERY VERY VERY thick (I have made beauticians cry just by walking in and sitting down :( - JoiWhip makes my curls very hydrated and just bouncy and beautiful!! I think the best way to describe what this product does to my hair is that it sort of help the curls cascade... That is the only image I can conjur up in my head when I think about this mousse. There is a Paul Mitchell mousse that comes in a close second, and it's usually a little less expensinve, but you just can't beat this product! I haven't noticed any changes in the formula since I strated using it more than 10 years ago, and I tell my curly-haired friends about it. I don't usually write reviews, but EVERY CURLY GIRL should try this at least once!!!!