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Matthew James - Birmingham, West Midlands, United States

Aug 24, 2013 - When I arrived, Matt asked me what my plans were for my hair. His initial thoughts were that a graduated bob would be the way to go, but when I explained that I wanted to have a good crack at growing my hair we compromised. I showed Matt photos I’ve taken all through my CG journey so he could see the good, the bad and the ugly. I even described the challenges of trying to do people’s feet without my hair in my face - a bit deal as I really don’t want my hair up all the time. The guy is sharp and takes in everything you tell him. Matt then cut my hair dry. He picks out individual curls, sprays them with Deva Mister Right and snips away. It’s weird seeing dry hair falling onto the cape! He then washed and conditioned my hair with the Deva Curl range, blotted dry with paper towels, and applied Deva Curl Frizz Free Foam before clipping and diffusing my hair. Then he sat me under a heat lamp to finish drying while he cut another lady’s hair. He runs his clients in such a way that he moves between two of you, a very efficient system. Matt is a real pro, and refreshingly down to earth. What I really love about my Deva cut is the way it frames my face instead of engulfing it. Matt has cut it so I can bend forward while working etc, without getting a faceful of hair. This really is a big deal to me, and he has got it spot on. So impressed.