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Pantene Pro-V Curl Shaping Gel

Feb 25, 2011 - Use it daily until I find a better product - don't find it drying at all, and my stylist actually commented that she liked the product when she saw and felt my hair after styling. Excellent for the price, doesn't flake, and can be used in the same way the Deva AnGEL is used (diffuse and run hands through to break the "shell").

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel (formerly AnGEL)

Feb 25, 2011 - Received a bottle from a friend who found it didn't work on her mixed race hair. I was put off immediately by the overpowering smell of gasoline or oil. Maybe it was an old bottle, but nothing you rub on your head should ever devolve into something so foul. Found it to be terribly drying and left my hair feeling slightly starchy and a little gummy when styled. Hair didn't have much give to it either - pulling off a pony or bun after using was virtually impossible. Kept it around as a backup when I've run out of my usual products, but eventually just chucked it. Not for me, that's for sure.

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Salon Studio - Bernardsville, New Jersey, United States

Mar 24, 2012 - I came to Jesy after attempting to grow out one of the worst haircuts of all time. My only saving grace was that I hadn't colored in years and I only lightly diffuse my hair with the Devafuser so it was relatively healthy. I told her I needed a dry cut, that I had been shampoo free for almost 5 years, and that I needed to see what it would look like FINISHED before I walked out the door. She was super easy to work with, and everyone else in the salon was great. I was cut dry, rinsed and conditioned, plopped, gelled, clipped, and dryed. Jesy told me to do exactly what I would do in the morning so she could fix the cut, and when I left I felt great. She really takes her time to examine your hair and pay attention to the cut. The tiniest snips turn into a great shape and style.0 Jesy sent me several emails explaining my hair was too short and curly for Ombre. I realized she hadn't seen me in 6 months and had no idea it was much longer and less tight - she remembered exactly what my last cut looked like and was watching out for my style. She definitely has your back. Today was a bit of a Deva party at SS - everyone was curly and discussing products, methods, and treatments with one another. Salon Studio is really comfortable and everyone, even the other clients, are friendly. It's a genuine curly community. Everyone there is really talented and it shows. I'm now at a point that I would never touch my hair with scissors like I used to nor would I let anyone else do my hair other than Jesy. I would absolutely recommend her!!!

Karma Salon & Spa - Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, United States

May 27, 2011 - I knew it was all over from the moment she pulled out a bristled brush. When I say dry cut, we discuss the curl by curl process I prefer, and I explain what not to do specifically (no brushes, no shampoo, no parting my hair AT ALL) I expect you to either follow my requests because I am the customer, or tell me that you can't meet my needs. First of all, I booked my appointment weeks in advance and showed up 15 minutes early. No one was at the desk and a lone manicurist sat at a table in the back and basically watched me looking for help. When I tried asking her if someone was coming back, she got up and went into the back room. Rude. I waited for Rachel for almost an hour past my appointment time. She never apologized for being late. At the same time a woman and her son were waiting for their male stylist, who was (according to the phone call made by the receptionist who finally showed up) almost two hours behind schedule and not even in the salon yet. When he finally showed he also failed to apologize. A casual relationship with time is one thing, but I work 60 hours a week and like to spend my Saturday doing things other than waiting around being ignored. Rachel asked me questions about my hair, but seemed more interested in correcting my thoughts than understanding my needs. I explained I follow some of the same rules other curly haired girls do and needed to keep that going - that meant a dry cut followed by a simple rinse and condition, a firm hold product (either gel or mousse, no creams or lotions) and then drying with a diffuser. I even stated that I brought my own products to show her what I use, and would be fine leaving wet if there was no way to diffuse dry my hair. I was interested in color but it needed to be no ammonia and all the products needed to be free of sulfates and silicone. I explained AT LENGTH how my hair has a hard time breaking the parts used when someone cuts it, and that I really wanted her to try to avoid parting it. I also have a hard time getting my curl structure back, so separating the curls was a no-no. She clearly ignored all my requests, then whipped out a bristly brush and caused me a significant amount of pain as she ruthlessly ripped through my hair. It was humiliating to sit there looking like Diana Ross on a bad day, but the point of the dry cut is to see how my curls work! Why would you spend a half hour destroying my hair? I was fuming by this point. She parted my hair in multiple places - including the horrible back center part making me look bald from the rear for days - shampooed my hair against my wishes, and applied color. My timer went off and 15 minutes went by before someone finally decided to rinse me. My drape came undone and I ended up staining my shirt during yet another shampoo. She then trimmed my hair up wet (again, why?) and ignored my choking and reaching for my water. Apparently the discussion of her trip to see Lady Gaga with the other late stylist was more important. To top off the ordeal, she ignored my final requests of a firm hold product and diffuser and did exactly what I asked her not to do - rubbed a "curl lotion" into my hair, added some frizz balm of some sort, and stuck me under a halo dryer. As I had predicted, my hair was sticky, frizzy, and flat. My scalp was fried, and I was annoyed. She then basically stared me down for a tip when I was paying - a HUGE no no in my book is ever tipping an owner - and kept telling me how "pretty" I looked. The moment I walked in the door my boyfriend laughed at me. It took almost a week to get it back to normal, then I had to trim it again myself. I don't know what is so difficult about listening to someone with 28 years of experience with this head of hair, but it seems to be a running theme that stylists think they know better than I do how to care for my own curls. Needless to say, this salon has now made my ever growing blacklist.

Bang Salon - Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Brittany at U Street

Feb 25, 2011 - Gave me the best haircut of my entire life. I wanted to go shorter, hide hair loss, still be able to keep a ponytail, AND do so for a reasonable cost. With a dry cut. Brittany was amazing. She talked with me at length about what I wanted, grow out plans, and a plan for a future cut - I knew I wanted to potentially go above the shoulder in the next year, so she cut a shape that would grow out the way it needed to be for the shorter cut - without making it seem like she knew everything. She asked a lot about what products I use, how I style, even commented that although the salon as a whole had moved to a different diffuser system, the Devafuser was definitely a good choice for me. She even asked if I had specific curls that "went rogue" so they could be cut individually. The kids I nanny for used to call one piece of hair my "maverick curl" because no matter what I did it would always find it's way out. She managed to trim it down so that even though it still does it's own thing, it looks less unusual. The dry cut was fantastic, and she used great products on my hair. She asked me to show her how I dry my hair at home (a finely honed system for fastest drying and max volume) before drying it similarly. No assistants, no passing me off - she personally washed and conditioned my hair herself. Friendly, but not overly chatty, and held my hand through the entire process (is this ok? shorter? how much shorter? etc). I was ecstatic, and my posse of gays raved about how great it looked and how voluminous it was in that really fun, no need to style it, way curly hair can be. After washing and styling on my own the next day I noticed a few stragglers that had settled since the cut. I called to book another appointment to have them tended to. She said to just stop by whenever I had a moment, or she would walk me through trimming them myself if I was too busy. Terrified to ruin the overall look I rushed back in. She took me between clients and trimmed me up, commented that she liked the product I was using at home, then put some glossy serum in (it was August, after all) and sent me on my way - no charge, and refused my tip. I rarely find her on the schedule for weekends, which is a problem for me now that I'm living back in NJ. I fully plan on taking a day off and making the 8 hour round trip drive just to get my hair cut again. If you can explain what your hair does and what you want it to do, Brittany will find a (realistic) way to bridge the gap. Can't say enough about how wonderful my cut was, and what a confidence booster it was to have the first really great haircut of my adult life.