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Salon Victoria - Irvine, California, United States
Joanne Kim Marsden

Jun 28, 2016 -

As a curly girl in Orange County, it can be difficult finding the right stylist. I've had many bad experiences that have resulted in some great "throwback Thursday" material sure to make your friends lol. That all changed when I met Joanne. She has been cutting and styling my hair for several years now so this review is definitely overdo. 

I found her via Naturally Curly some years back and she's the only person I'll let near my hair with anything remotely sharp. I have course, thick type 3b/3c hair. Joanne really knows how to cut curls--even big, crazy hair like my own. 

Some hair history--In the past, I had asked her for only trims as I was growing out my hair. Every time, she really respected my wishes and only cut a tiny bit to make sure my hair was growing out healthy and was shaped correctly. Thanks to her cuts, I achieved the long, heavy, curly locks I wanted. However, a couple months ago I decided I wanted something fresh and different so we cut off about 8 inches or so and my hair was just past my shoulders. Joanne did a great job with that. I loved the shorter cut and the lighter feel. Also, I trust her COMPLETELY with my hair which is a big deal considering, all other cuts I'd had before her ended in tears. After the medium cut, I went back and told her I wasn't afraid to cut length and that I wanted to embrace my volume (something I'd been fighting all my life), and I wanted it to be short enough that it was just healthy. Fast forward to my most favorite haircut ever! It's curly, bouncy, shoulder length in the front, and a bit longer in the back, looks great with volume (when I pick the crown) and has some fringe bang pieces that I had wanted as well. 

I LOVE Joanne and her work. I especially like that she really listens to what you want and is very observant in studying your curls and their pattern, texture, etc. These are the qualities that aid in her giving you a haircut you will keep you smiling about for days, weeks after your cut. 

She keeps me coming back after all these years not only because she is an absolute boss at cutting curls, but also because she is genuinely a sweetheart, hilarious, a true artist, and has a heart of gold. She's super cool and great at what she does! 

AG Lounge for Hair - Irvine, California, United States
Joanne Kim

Mar 06, 2011 - Joanne is awesome! She gives a great cut because she is familiar and comfortable with thick curly hair. My hair type is somewhere between 3B and 3C and is course, middle eastern type hair. ALL of my hair salon experiences before Joanne were disastrous and resulted in tears. Until I found this site and this salon and this HAIRDRESSER that I finally had a good experience. She wasn't trying to get me to straighten my hair, or complain about HOW MUCH HAIR I HAVE, or anything. She asked me what I wanted and she is very open to listening and giving your hair the style that YOU want. Furthermore, she knows what's she's doing with the hair. She has techniques for curly hair that probably contribute to her laidback attitude versus the scared, frantic hairdressers I usually come in contact with. All in all, I'm a returning and customer and was very happy with her service. She doesn't try to CHANGE your hair, but give it the best cut so your curls lay properly. Very awesome.