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Jul 14

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BioSilk Rock Hard Gelee

Jun 21, 2014 - By far the BEST and most affordable gel I've tried so far. Mind you, I've tried quite a few "natural" (pricy) gels and they all left something to be desired. This gel gives me hold, frizz control, doesn't dry out my curls and I think it helps a bit with shrinkage, plus no flaking! All I need to use is my kinky curly knot today and BioSilk Rock Hard Gelee on top, let air dry and scrunch out the crunch when done. It clumps the curls nicely and leaves them shiny. This stood firm even in really high humidity. Best of all is I can get it in the country where I live.The only down side is that it is a bit sticky on my back when my hair is wet but definitely not a deal breaker.

Curls Milkshake

May 11, 2013 - This is one of those products that I thought i would love. So I bought the product but it didn't react well with my favorite hair gel, which is aloe vera gel; i thought everything mixed well with aloe vera gel. I put the hair milk under my aloe vera gel and it was fine, then my hair dried and when I fluffed it i had this white film on my hair. When I touched my hair i could see like these white particles flowing away in the air. Plus the bottle is tiny for the price. The consistency of the product is not heavy at all so you have to use a good amount. Now, my hair is not thick nor big by any means and even I had to use a lot in only two uses. I guess is a good thing i don't like it. I will be using the rest of the product i have left as a refresher but I definitely wont be buying it again.

Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream

Dec 16, 2012 - I AM IN LOVE! this could even work for me by itself. i do the whole process of washing my hair then apply Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream and finish with curls in a bottle and let air dry. i get 5 days out of this. It leaves my hair soft and it smell soooo yummy! plus this combo doesnt dry crunchy, i feel like i get a little bit of shrinkage but thats okay with me.