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Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Conditioner

Jul 21, 2013 - Tried this for the first time yesterday before a party. Nothing has been working lately in this humidity and I found this at TJ Maxx for 15... though I recently heard Sally's has a knock off version for less than 10. Anyways, Amazing! Pros: Curls were defined, bouncy, and the softest they have ever felt with product. They feel like they do when I have no product but actually look good. I didn't think that was possible. Detangling. Moisturizing. Huge bottle. Stood up against humidity. Cons: I lost a ton of hair in the shower. My hair was huge, a lot of volume! (but I am also in dire need of a haircut so maybe that will change once I go to the hairdresser tomorrow). The smell I'm pretty neutral about. It wasn't good but it also wasn't bad. It doesn't linger though so it won't overpower any scents you choose to wear.. (right now my hair smells like hair and not coconut like I'm used to with my Aussie) but I personally love fruity smelling hair products so that's why this is a con. Verdict: This is definitely worth a try if you have 3a/3b hair like mine. Hope you like it as much as me.

Suave Professionals Rosemary + Mint Conditioner

Jul 12, 2013 - It was cheap and it didn't do anything for my hair except make it look awful. Disappointed. It seems to work fine on my brother's wavy hair though.

Renpure Organics Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner

Jul 12, 2013 - This was a great deep treatment, one of the better ones I've used in awhile and it was only 3 dollars. I knew not to think that my hair would become straight b/c that is just not going to happen but I wanted it to stretch out my curls a little. It actually defined my curls more which was also nice. My hair was super soft but still had frizz so I wouldn't suggest using this on the night of a date. I liked the thickness of it, it was difficult to squeeze out of the bottle and very moisturizing. It smelled like play-doh which was weird... but the smell doesn't linger at all.