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Queen Helene Royal Curl Moisture Rich Conditioner

Aug 25, 2014 - One of my favorite conditioners hands down! I love using this; it's super moisturizing and can detangle and moisturize like no other. It's less than ten dollars, and I don't have to use half of the bottle for my head. A dime sized amount on each of the four sections, and I'm good to go! This is absolutely one of my favorite products ever.

Motions Naturally You Moisturizing Cleanser

May 12, 2014 - Pretty good shampoo. I can't say that my hair felt like after a conditioner, but that's not a shampoos job. It wasn't super moisturizing, but it didn't STRIP my hair of moisture. After my prepoo, this did just it's job: clean. My hair was without product residue, and not super moisturized, but not dry. Will probably not buy again, since I can probably fine a shampoo better that leaves my hair more moisturized, but this one was not bad.

AG Hair Cosmetics Smoothing Balm

May 11, 2014 - This product was great on dry hair. I used it on a blowout as a twistout cream, just to get a little definition. I was pleasantly surprised the next morning to wake up with a touchable, defined-but-soft twistout. It was beautiful. It lasted a day, but my hair was moisturized, and smelt very good. A couple days later I finally decided to wash my hair and do a twistout on wet hair. I was not very pleased by this product then. My hair shrunk up more than normal, did not stay moisturized, and really didn't hold very nicely at all. I was very disappointed by it on wet hair. The next day I tried to use it as the directions say, and fix up flyaway pieces, and it worked, but it wasn't very desirable. It did what shea butter could do by itself. Overall, I think this is an okay product. It wasn't the best, but I know it was not the worst by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe used with another product it would work better. But I will not be using until my hair is stretched out again.