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RikRak Studio - Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Mar 04, 2014 - I have a round face and curly/wavy/frizzy hair that seems to generally be a nightmare for stylists. I hate going somewhere new because so often I go home and cry or recut my hair because it's so bad- or pay $75 for a mediocre cut I could've accomplished with my kitchen scissors. It's been a year and a half since I've had a haircut because I've dreaded it so much. BUT Colie was not intimidated by my round face or curls AT ALL. I really wanted something different and she found something that was different without being too edgy for me, complimented my face shape amazingly, met my requirement of being super low maintenance and looks SO FREAKING CUTE! I have never loved a haircut so much in my entire life and I'm 35 so that's saying something. Also, I NEVER leave the salon without either crazy poofy hair or a ton of frizz (usually both) but somehow Colie managed to make it look awesome even after using that little fine tooth comb and it partially drying before she put any product in it. Plus, she only used one product in it and accomplished this amazing feat. What the heck. Let me tell you, I am happy to drive 40 minutes to get to Colie. I would recommend her to anyone- especially curly girls who typically dread getting a haircut!

Brio Salon - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Apr 10, 2009 - I had my hair cut by Richie one time- and that was enough to know I will not be going back. If you have no idea what you want and you desire for someone to tell you what you should do with your hair- then maybe Richie's the guy for you. I went in wanting to get a shorter cut because I've always had my curly hair long and I wanted to try something different. Richie said "You don't want your hair short, you just think you do because you don't like your hair." He then proceeded to ignore everything I had said while he snipped off pieces here and there and told me what to do with my hair. He styled it into a giant fluff ball of curls that made me embarrassed to be seen in public.

Hairy's Hair Bar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Apr 10, 2009 - Katie has done wonders to make my naturally curly/wavy hair work for me, not against me. I am 30 years old and have never been so happy with my hair in all my life. When I wanted to keep the length she did a great job and when I wanted to go short she made it look awesome. When I moved to Milwaukee I searched for reviews to find a place to get my hair cut and ended up at Brio's. When I told the stylist there that I wanted to try going short he said "You only think you want short hair because you don't like your hair now." He then proceeded to ignore everything I said, cut my hair the way he thought it should be and made my hair into a giant fluff ball of curls. (not what i was going for) In contrast, Katie listened to everything I did and did not want and then helped me to find a couple pictures that were similar to what I wanted and cut my hair right into submission. She really took the time to listen and get it right. I have read again and again that you shouldn't get a short hair cut if you have a round face and curly hair. But when I really wanted to try something short, she helped me find a style that i absolutely love. I can't recommend her enough.