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Bigen Polishing Serum

Oct 16, 2014 - I have to say that I love this polishing serum. It smells great and a little does go a long way. I mainly used it on my hair after a good co-wash or to maintain the frizz from a braid out. I had to apply every 2 days because my hair can get a bit dry but I loved it.

Bigen Sheen Spray

Apr 18, 2014 - I must first say that I testing out new products especially ones that will give my hair a shine or moisture. Before I tried the spray I looked the can over and the things that is in it because I care about every ingredient that I put in my hair. I sprayed it in my hand to get a feel of the spray. It smelled so good I must say. the spray made my whole room foggy lol but that was ok. It made my hair shiny and healthy looking. I love this spray. Cons is that it does leave a greasy feeling on your hair but I still like the spray my hair didn't feel dry at the end of the day like some other sprays that I have used. Thanks Naturally Curly

Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight

Mar 21, 2014 - I gave this product a 2 because the only thing that I liked was the softness and how easy it was to detangle my hair. When I first received this product I was so excited because I have been looking for a product that I could use to straighten my hair without using perms or other chemicals. I have been natural for 5 years now and I do not use heat on my hair and the thought of using a blow dryer and flat irons made my heart sank but I used the product anyway. I first applied the Cleansing Shampoo and right off the bat there was a little burning sensation or kind of a tingling then I let it lather and it stopped. I made sure that I washed it all out and it made my hair feel extremely dry, so I opened the leave in conditioner, (pause) I'm use to buying thick creamy conditioners this was the total opposite it was very runny like water almost. So I still applied it to my hair and detangled my hair and waited 20 minutes (I followed the instructions to a T). Then I blow Dried it. Once it was completely dry My hair felt very sticky and I hated that feeling and my hair was very dry and flaky, The instructions tell you "that you might feel a slight film on your hair at this time, but will go away after step 4 flat ironing". I then Flat Ironed it and yes it was straight but I just didn't like the feel that it gave my hair at all. I do not think that I will use this product again. It just wasn't for me. I am a 4A