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Beverly - Hello Curls Salon - Sacramento, California, United States
Beverly Neeland

Aug 15, 2011 - So, I do not like to write negative reviews unless I feel like it's important. This is one of those times. I decided to try Beverly because of the glowing reviews. Had I read through the threads on this site, I would not have done so. I do not know why those unhappy with their cuts from Beverly have not reviewed her, but I wish they had because it would have saved me from this experience. I loved my last curly hair stylist. He was simply fantastic. He listened, was meticulous and took his time to make sure my layers were well balanced with free moving bouncy curls. Beverly did none of those things. Beverly seemed rushed which I thought was odd because she spent two hours with me. She pulled and combed through my hair until I looked electrocuted! Very silly looking, but hey, who am I to dismiss a new technique, especially if it works right? After she finished cutting my hair (impossible to know how it really looked since my hair was frizzy and crazy looking) she washed it and put products, which she said would not be fantastic on my hair, but she would know for next time. She used a hairdryer with diffusor to dry my hair, but it was still very wet as I left, which I am not down with. Here's why: If it's wet, how do I know what it looks like? How is the stylist supposed to make final corrections? Like I said, she was in a rush, so that was that. It looked pretty bad by the time it dried so I decided to wash and dry my hair a few times on my own to see how the cut settled, and of course using my routine with my products. I am so self conscious right now. Today alone, I have had two people ask me what was going on with my hair. One friend who is a stylist for over 25 years said it is not weighted properly. The ends are so thinned out that after a few hours, my curls blend together and get weighed down. She gave me plenty of layers on the top so that kinda has volume, though uneven, and goes out to the sides, while the long pieces fall straight underneath. I look like a tripped out brady mom. Now I am waiting to get an appointment with another stylist to get this corrected and wanna hear the kicker? It's so thinned out that I am facing losing a lot of length which you curly girls know takes FOREVER to get. I am beyond disappointed....

Dezi Salon - Portland, Oregon, United States

Aug 14, 2011 - I love Josh! I moved to portland and had to find a new stylist. I had only one curly cut before, but I was styling it how i like with a curly hair product line and diffuser and such, so i was happy with my curls, but i really needed some style. Josh is so nice, actually everyone who works at Dezi is. I could not wait to get a haircut, because isnt it just awkward when you like the cut but not the stylist. That's two hours of lame conversation while you try to remember if its worth it. Now for the finer points: Josh listens. He takes his time and makes sure I am happy with my new look. And the salon is so cute. The staff is really nice, so its a high quality experience without the attitude. And you know how curly hair kinda has one look? Long or short? And of course, you have layers, but really there's only so much you can do with with curly hair and i have found it difficult to get a sassy edgy haircut UNTIL Josh! I highly recommend Josh. I have had a few other curly hair stylists and Josh blew them out of the water!