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Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

Oct 10, 2009 - This is the product I use every time I wash. I love the consistency of it (a cross between a lotion and a gel) that spreads nicely through my very thick hair. It helps frizz and leaves a nice shine. I actually wish it would be a little MORE crunchy than it is for more definition (I couldn't possibly put more in than I am), so it's not that crunchy if you have super-thick hair. I do think it's pretty expensive, but another good thing is that it "rejuvinates" the next day by adding a little water, so you don't have to wash every day! (which saves on the product too.)

Ouidad Balancing Rinse

Oct 10, 2009 - I want to like this conditioner, but it seems to make my hair a little TOO poofy. I've never tried it as a leave in as some people have in earlier reviews, but as a regular conditioner, I can only use it about once a month.

Ouidad Clear & Gentle Essential Daily Shampoo

Oct 10, 2009 - I like this shampoo but I agree that it dries the hair if used too often. I try to rotate it with a sulfate-free shampoo (which I also can't use by itself because it doesn't clean well enough for my very thick hair!) If only there were a middle ground...

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Salon DeSante - Springfield, Pennsylvania, United States

Jan 12, 2014 - I have had Ouidad cuts in the past, but they were just OK. I love the products and really wanted to give the "carve and slice" another chance. After doing research, I came upon the great reviews for Lisa. Let me assure you, her great reviews are well deserved! She listens to concerns and does a great job. My hair looks amazing! Highly recommended!

Salon Bliss - Whitehall, Pennsylvania, United States

Sep 23, 2010 - Gretchen is a pro at the Deva Curl cut! I've had other stylists (at this salon and other salons) that gave me good cuts but not GREAT ones. Well, Gretchen gives a great cut! She really took my face shape into consideration, and allowed me to leave the length while cutting out the bulk. My hair looks longer AFTER the cut than it did before because of the more flattering shape. I love my cut and look forward to my next cut with Gretchen. :)

Blume Salon - Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, United States

Jan 21, 2009 - This is my second trip to Blume Salon, after a good first experience with Andraya. I'm glad to say that my experience with Amina was just as good. Amina was very detail-oriented and talked to me at length about what I wanted my hair to look like. She was absolutely METICULOUS when cutting my hair, which was very good since my hair is very thick and she might have missed some pieces had she not done the cut the way she did to ensure that it would lay nicely. The only thing is that they REALLY recommend the Deva products. REALLY. I haven't had great success with the products, but yet the stylists insist that curly heads should still use them. I do like the conditioner but have not found success with any other product. And since the products are quite pricey, I've endured many bad hair days because I feel like I should use them since I paid so much for them. BUT... the cut is still the best around. I'm having the BEST HAIR DAY EVER today... using the Deva conditioner and my old styling product with this great cut. Highly recommended!