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Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

Dec 05, 2010 - I suppose I shouldn't like this product because it has mineral oil in it, but I have to say my hair looks OUTSTANDING when I use it. Where I live, the weather is now cold and dry, and nothing seems to make my fine, dry, 3b ringlets look alive and full and shiny (all day long!) except for this product. I've tried SO many things--high end, low end, all-natural, chock full of chemicals, natural oils, proteins, leave-ins, deep hydrators, sheeeesh.... Curly Pudding is the first product that actually makes my hair look sensational during the worst season for my hair. The mineral oil washes out if I wash my hair twice with a sulfate shampoo, and then I use a really good conditioner. I haven't been using Curly Pudding every day because I'm afraid my hair won't get enough moisture (mineral oil creates a barrier against just about everything). But when I really need to look great, I plan to use this stuff. I gave it 4 curls instead of 5 because I’m worried about it =D.

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Salon de Lara / Contempo - Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Mar 30, 2011 - At my last appointment, Lara did a really gorgeous updo on my shoulder-length hair. I’ve always struggled with that, getting all the hair in the right place so that it stays put, looks even, flatters my face, etc. It looked soooo perfect when she was finished! It’s just incredible what a talented professional can accomplish in the name of beauty with A FEW HAIRPINS. AMAZING!!

Salon de Lara / Contempo - Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Apr 07, 2010 - After reading Kathy’s very encouraging review, I made an appointment with Lara and got what is easily the best haircut of my life. She started by talking to me about what kind of look I was after, both in the near term and going forward, and suggested I head toward shoulder length (I agreed). She assessed my comfort level with getting my hair cut (wise and considerate, since I’m always terrified it’ll end up too short, which is what usually happens :-)). Then, with the big picture in mind, she started working. Instead of the usual part, pin, and shear the ends off routine you get at most places, she studied the curl pattern carefully and snipped where needed to more or less carve my hair into the configuration we had talked about. I’ve never seen anyone take such care with my hair! And I’ve never fully appreciated what a trained eye and a skilled hand can accomplish. The cut Lara gave me was tailored to my exact hair: weight, texture, and curl pattern. My hair is now nicely positioned to get to the length and look I’m after, and it looks SO much better than it did. Her plan is to tweak it from time to time as it grows. As Kathy mentioned, Lara trained at John Sahag in New York. (Google this if you’re interested; it’s a unique approach to managing hair.) She also offers some interesting products you may not have heard of. Lara is a treasure! I think you should give her a call :-).