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Aquage Thickening Spraygel

Dec 11, 2011 - I have very curly but very fine hair. I have many products that define my curls and fight frizz but wanted something to add that will make it feel thicker and give more volume. I bought this and used it for about a week. I tried it alone and with other products and never could tell a bit of difference. My hair did not feel thicker at all and I actually think it affected my curls...they didn't seem as tight and bouncy. I was really hoping this would work but it didn't.

DevaCurl DevaCare Arc AnGEL

Dec 11, 2011 - This product is amazing but you HAVE to use it in a very specific way or you won't get ANY results. I have been using it for about 3 years now and my curls have never looked better. You must evenly distribute the gel into your hair and scrunch well to make sure it is dispersed all over. Then blowdry with a diffuser or let it air dry but DO NOT SCRUNCH or touch it once you begin drying. Only scrunch to distribute the product into your hair and then leave it alone. While it dries the curls will coil up and the gel creates a "cast" on the hair that feels hard. Continue to dry the hair until the roots feel dry. THEN you flip your head over and scrunch the hair to break the cast off and the result if PERFECTLY formed curls that are SOOO soft and have no frizz. I blowdry my hair with a diffuser with my head flipped over. I cup the curls into the diffuser and hold it to them in sections until it feels dry. Keep in mind it will still look wet because of the cast but you must resist the urge to scrunch until it's completely dry or you will mess up the cast and make it frizzy. Try it. You will LOVE it.!

DevaCurl No-Poo

Dec 11, 2011 - I have very fine curls and always avoided "cream" products as I was afraid they would weigh my hair down. I, like most people, believed shampoo needs to foam up to really clean the hair. WAY WRONG. I have been using No-Poo for about 3 years now and my hair has never looked better. My curls are smooth with tons of vibrance and shine. They bounce more and are so soft. I even started taking a small bottle with me to the salon when I got my hair cut. After getting my hair washed at the salon, I would notice the texture would me messed up for days. My curls would feel dry and frizzy and my ringlets wouldn't form properly. I use all of the DevaCurl products now and I'll never switch to anything else.