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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

Apr 03, 2012 - Bought a bottle of Curl Keeper last week at the salon when I went for a short Spring cut. I like the way my hair looks. However, the "strawberry/cherry/friuty" smell gives me terrible headaches. Does anyone know of a similar product that relaxes the curl a little bit and adds movement? Those are the things I liked about Curl Keeper-the curls were a little chunkier, not just individual frizzlets. I am almost out (got a small bottle), and when I tried to go back to my old products with my shorter cut I ended up with a Brillo pad for hair. Thanks!

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Marni @ Curlvana - Birmingham, Michigan, United States

Dec 11, 2012 - I wasn't going to return after my last visit; howver, I could not find a hair stylist who really wanted to trim my deva cut without cutting very short. It was almost a repeat of the last time, with Marni just returning after being off sick. I found it hard to get an appointment and she just seemed disinterested in cutting my hair. This time I asked that the long "rat tail" be cut off or blended, as I had the front about jaw length and the back to my bra strap. Again, I got very thinned ends which end up frizzing and looking scraggly. Has anyone had success with getting a "normal" cut following a deva cut? What I mean is, they usually cut hair at an angle, and my hair was cut horizontally in places, with pieces of varying lengths all over the front and sides, and all one-length hair in the back?

Marni @ Curlvana - Birmingham, Michigan, United States

Apr 28, 2012 - I have had two cuts with Marni, and my experiences were not at all like the last two reviewers. It took two-three weeks to get an appointment; the cost was $60.00 plus 20% tip; I did not get much information on how to care for my specific hair type or which products to use. I was not asked what my hair care regime was, and only one product was recommended for purchase. I think she was sick the second visit, so I have to give her a break on that. My hair was horizontally layered on one side only-with a side bang. Longer, fewer layers on the other. The bottom layers looked as though they were cut with thinning shears, and the nape was undercut. there are some choppy layer scattered about (long, short, long, short). i just don't get it! When I made the appointments and before the cuts, I mentioned that I sometimes wear my hair up, blow dry, twist into looser curls/waves, etc. i cannot do that now. It kind of looks like someone just went around chopping a few pieces here and there. And my split ends are still here on the pieces not cut. I am very disappointed, which is why I gave the salon a second chance. I tried calling back several times to maybe come back in to get it reshaped, but she was never in. :(