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Apr 08

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Bigen Sheen Spray

Apr 15, 2014 - I REALLY want to like this spray but it just turned out into a mess for me. First off it smells really nice. I sprayed it in my hand first to get the feel of it and it feels pretty nice. I applied this by spraying it over and around my hair. Here's a heads up before you do what I did, you MUST put a towel over your shoulders so that the mist that missed your hair doesnt fall on your clothes, second, make sure you're standing on an old towel, bathroom rug or one of those fast absorb towels ie; ShamWow. I didnt think about doing the last bit and I ended up nearly breaking my neck on the tiled bathroom floor. As for performance, I think it was meh. My hair loves the combination of oils this product contains (sunflower, safflower, shea butter, olive) but I think being that the mineral and lanolin oil was so high on the list that it just wouldnt let the product be that great. I am glad to have the chance to test this product out however, I would not purchase this nor recommend this to a friend.

Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

Mar 13, 2014 - I absolutely love this product. First off, the smell is amazing. Smells like yummy caramel! This pomade is hella thick so I can see how people would use this as a twistout. It will definitely leave your twist out defined and shiny. I on the other hand am a wash n go type of girl. I am a FEEN for gel. All gel everything gotta be in my arsenal. And still havent found thee gel to lay down my edges like this POMADE. I had to stress that word, POMADE. Laid my edges like nobodies business. Love this stuff. Perfect for the winter time but I wouldnt dare where this in the summer.