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Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair

Feb 10, 2013 - ... Oh yeah. This is my go-to clarifier. It's so cheap and effective at removing all my careless product buildup ;) Type 3b/c

Joico JoiGel Firm

Jan 03, 2013 - I'm 3b/c. Love this. I use it over my leave-in conditioner and it locks the moisture right in. I end up with soft bouncy, well-formed curls. It adds a lot of shine to my hair too! The price is more than fair too because I only have to use a little bit each time.

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Vero for Hair - Oakland, California, United States
Jessica Earle

Sep 16, 2011 - Jessica failed to return two calls I'd made in a week and was rude when I did manage to speak with her. I eventually tried the salon's direct line, figuring maybe something was wrong with her cell. When she answered I told her about the unreturned calls and she just said, "Oh", like she could care less. She said she is referring her clients to other stylists at Vero, because she's booked for a couple months. But when I told her I am willing to wait a couple months to book with her, she inexplicably and rudely refused to take a future appointment with me even at a time she WILL BE available. Just bizarre. I'd been polite, so who knows? Maybe she got sick of dealing with curly hair. After all, it takes more time, so it isn't as cost effective. Bottom line: she was completely unprofessional. But I learned something too ... I'm grateful I didn't get an appointment with her because her attitude would put me (and others - curly or not) at risk for not getting good hair care. Respecting clients (and potential clients) are skills every bit as important as alleged expertise. And for now on I'll be warning people about this stylist. That said, I'd consider taking a chance with another Vero stylist at some point and would be open to writing a generous and positive review if warranted. Some basic respect and a decent cut is all I'm looking for.