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Fiddleheads - Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Jun 04, 2012 - After reading several reviews, I decided to book an appointment at Fiddleheads. It's a salon in DC catered to curly heads. Now, I was a little skeptical but after I saw how CUTE one girls hair came out, I was convinced! So, I initially wanted my appointment with the owner, Beth, but she was unavailable. So, I made an appointment with Vicki, who also has pretty good reviews on naturally and yelp. When making my appointment, I told them my hair texture (3c) and they said all the stylists were familiar with all hair types. When I arrived at the salon, I was greeted in a timely manner and offered coffee. The salon was very clean and everyone was very nice. When I sat in Vicki's chair, I showed her a picture of how I wanted my hair. I haven't had a perm since June 2010 and cut off my relaxer ends in May 2011 and I have 3C and bits of 4a type hair. So, right now I am kind of in an "in-between" stage (or that awkward stage some of you call it). She said she would need to cut off too much if I really wanted it like the picture. So, I told her that was fine don't cut then but I feel that my hair has no personality and I just want a shape or layers. I really desired some sort of layers in the back and she said she could do that. She commented that my ends were very healthy and i wouldn't need to take off very much. So, everything is all good when she is trimming. She is very careful and taking her time. We chat a little about my hair concerns (frizz). This is where I grew hesitant: She washed my hair and then used Deva One Conditioner as a styler. I sat under the hairdryer and the end results looked a hot mess. One side of my hair was longer than the other. Beth, the owner, came over and was telling Vicki all the things that she needed/should have done. Vicki basically said she wasn't doing my hair anymore and Beth TOLD her that she needed to at least fix the piece that she didn't do right. And Vicki fixed it but said she wasn't doing anymore because I was already "unhappy." My hair was dry, matted, and a mess. In reflecting back on my experience, I think the problem wasn't so much the trim but the styling. 3c hair needs to be styled differently than 3a or 2c. I would have thought a licensed hairstylist would have known that. I would only recommend this salon to someone with 2c, 3a hair. It's definitely not for anyone with 3c hair __________________