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Ricciolo Salon - La Verne, California, United States
Lora Johnson

May 12, 2010 - This comment is in reference to a review made on March 14,2010 by kp@khromaphobia.com I just read your review. It saddens me because I know Lora personally and have been going to her for about 7 years. She is always going to do what you want. It sounds to me like you had a bad day and took it out on her. How do you go from 4 years of going to someone you trust and know who genuinely cares about you. Then slandering her for a cut you asked for and in your perspective is bad. For someone who says "they don't care what others think", how hypocritical of you to sway others by writing a review. This shows me that you really do care. Even in Lora's worst day her skills are never compromised and I think you are over critical and mean in your review. Very truly, One who has the most difficult curly hair Lora has ever had to manage.

Ricciolo Salon - La Verne, California, United States
Lora Johnson

Feb 07, 2010 - Hello everyone. I recently downloaded a new updated picture of my long curly hair. Lora Johnson (my wonderful hairstylist)used Enjoy style lotion and curling creme and Equage curl enhancer. She made a cocktail with these products and it was fabulous!

Ricciolo Salon - La Verne, California, United States
Lora Johnson

Oct 05, 2009 - I love this woman! She checks out face shape, determines my personal best look that flatters me! She listens to my concerns and my likes/ dislikes/and my nightmares and then expresses her creative mindset for me and what might be a good prospect cut for the future! Not a scary experience at all like I have had. Usually they all want to cut it off or, get me wet then talk and you know how hair changes when you wash it. She doesn't do that. Lora evaluates where I am at and we talked about where we should go with my hair before washing. She used a Bumble and Bumble product for shampooing then after cut styled with Enjoys curling lotion. I am very happy and feel cared for as well as listened to. She is average price I feel and worth it. The salon is beautiful and NOT pretentious!