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Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner

Jul 04, 2011 - This stuff smells wonderful! I used it all throughout the day just for the smell alone. However, this made my hair dry and parched. So, why would I keep spraying it throughout the day is beyond me, because it's terrible! Probably just to use it up! This is the worst leave-in I've ever used. Normally, I like to use leave-in sprays to refresh my curls and give my hair a surge of moisture. This stuff did the exact opposite!

Carols Daughter Hair Milk The Original Curl Definer

Jul 04, 2011 - I have 4b hair, so I'm not expecting this bottle to do some sort of magic on my curls, and turn my head into Tracy Ellis Ross. However, the old formula would make the curls I already have pop, and moisturize my hair like crazy. So, that was what I was expecting when I purchased the new formula. Well, it didn't moisturize my hair at ALL. It was very drying, and just sat on top of my hair. And that previous "pop" I got from the old formula? Not uh. This just left my hair a tangled mess!

Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter

Jul 04, 2011 - I really liked this product when I was relaxed. Now, that I'm natural I tried it again expecting to get that same level of moisture I've come to love from this product. Well, I'm not sure if in 2010 she switched the formula or whatnot, but this stuff leaves my hair HARD. I mean hard as a brick. It's not moisturizing either. The smell doesn't bother me, but the fact that it leaves my hair this hard and brittle warrants 1 star and a passing of it off to my mother for sure.

lawofcurls12's Latest Salon Reviews

Curltopia - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Feb 13, 2011 - I've been to the salon twice to get my hair done and a few times to buy products. The first time I went was about a year ago when I first went natural. I arrived for my appointment only to wait 20min and then my stylist approached me and asked who I was waiting for. Being my first time there, I did not know she was my stylist and when I mentioned the stylist's name she said that was her and that the owner had not informed her that she had another appointment at that designated time. I had my appointment card where they themselves had written the time and she apologized for my wait. Er, okay. Wasn't her fault (I guess). So, I get my hair washed, trimmed (she cut way too much considering I had just big chopped and didn't have much hair to cut in the first place), and then paid an additional $40 for what they call "fingerstyling". I was extremely disappointed to see that my hair looked exactly the same as when I went in only $70 poorer. Fast forward to 2011 I go to get my hair twisted. I've been natural for quite some time and I twist my own hair each night before bed. I arrived for my appointment and the stylist seemed as if she did not even want to be bothered with my hair. She made all the excuses in the world why she could not twist my hair (mind you I take excellent care of my hair so it's not damaged-no heat or anything). I have extremely tightly coiled 4bc hair that no one seems to want to work with. If you take the time to stretch it out you will see it is much longer than it initially appears. I was fine with getting a trim, and not a cut. She ended up cutting almost an inch off (which in African-American hair is a WHOLE lot), and then told me she couldn't twist my hair but could do another style which is not what I booked my appointment for. I ended up thanking her for her time but saying no thank you to a $65 style that I did not book. When I expressed my concerns to the owner they proceeded to offer me $30 off my next service. This is fine but, why would I ever come back to a place that does not want to bother with my hair in the first place. My initial stylist talked down to me like I was not in fact twisting my hair. Next, the owner got another stylist to come see if she would twist it and before the stylist even touched my hair said no she couldn't. Barely even looked at my hair. And when I proceeded to show her that yes in fact I do twist my hair the stylist pushed my hand out the way and then took my hair and acted like she couldn't twist it. I felt very belittled and called my mom while driving home and told her how upsetting the whole experience made me. My mom could not believe a salon could be so unprofessional and called to speak to the owner and express how important it is to be professional in tough economic times such as the one we are currently experiencing. The owner told my mom I could get a free service in a few weeks/months when my hair grows back out. But, like I said before I left, I'm not ever going back there. I will just have to find a salon willing to work with tightly coiled hair such as my own. Beware! They'll wash your hair, cut all your hair off, and then proceed to tell you they can't do the style you made an appointment for, but can do another $60+ style you DON'T WANT and DIDN'T ASK FOR.