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Curl by Teresa Badolato - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States

Feb 19, 2011 - taken from my Yelp review: Have you ever had one of those haircuts that you love so much you can't stop looking at yourself in the mirror? One of those "best haircuts of my life" cuts? The "I knew my hair had potential but could never quite take it there" cuts? That's what I got from Theresa at Mademoiselle. I have curly hair and it needs the special touch of someone who knows curly hair. Enter Theresa. The first thing she did was ask about my hair, *listened* to what I said, and then proceeded to dry cut it. This is such a must because curly hair isn't the same when it's wet. Again, this is not straight hair (yet most hair stylists treat it the same). She snipped through each strand, judging it's health and determining where it should end. She then shampooed it (low poo, for those who follow the Curly Girl Method) and brought me back to the chair with dripping, wet hair. I leaned my head over as she finger combed it, put in conditioner and gel and then used a diffuser to dry it. I brought my head up and had this incredible mass of soft, bouncy curls. She placed the strands around my head and again took the scissors to the curls to make sure it all looked just right. All the while she educated me on the do's and don'ts of curly hair maintenance. I signed up for her to send me an email explaining what she had said. I generally don't spend more for my own cuts than my dog's (and, damn, dog haircuts are expensive) but this was so worth it. I left the salon and texted my friend, "so this is a $100 haircut and holy s#!t it's incredible!" Yes, that good.