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Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo

Mar 16, 2012 - I am usually too lazy to write reviews for products, but this one is so shockingly amazing I had to find the time to write one! I have been experimenting with CG method for about a year or so and only have good results the first day or two after I clarify. My hair would soon get flat, straightish, stringy, flyaway, no root curl, etc. etc. I kept thinking I was overconditioning, and then that I needed protein. But my hair was always so dry right away after DT. I was about ready to give up when I developed an itchy, burning scalp with hair loss and almost like an oily, smelly, yellow sludge on my scalp. One day I noticed that there was some kind of film in the bottom of my water glass. I scraped it out and it looked like crystals. I searched online, and BINGO-calcium carbonate in my water (and building up on my hair). So, I ordered this shampoo not expecting much, and boy was I wrong about that! This shampoo COMPLETELY cured my problem. After just one wash, my hair felt softer like the conditioner had penetrated, and I noticed more root curl, definition and scalp volume while my hair was still wet. When dry, it looks fluffy, defined and feels soft even without product. I am absolutely amazed and can't believe it. My hair is back and I am beyond thrilled. Anyone with hard water should give this a try! Make sure to let it sit in your hair for a minute before rinsing and thoroughly but gently massage your scalp! BTW, I am a 2C/3A with some 3B. :)