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DevaCurl One Condition

Jan 02, 2013 - I like how this keeps my curls defined and shiny, but it does weigh my hair down a bit. DevaCurl is the first line of products I used since discovering how important moisture is for curly hair. As much as I appreciate the end result and the removal of parabens and sulfates and silicone, I'm very concerned, as everyone should be, about toxic chemicals in cosmetic products. We use these every day for years, so it's important to make sure that there are zero toxic ingredients in them. The Deva line, although safer than most, still includes chemicals that are known hazards, so I won't continue to use the products unless they are reformulated with safer ingredients. That said, I like how my hair looks with the Deva products.

DevaCurl No-Poo

Jan 02, 2013 - This is the line I started with when I found out the importance of keeping curly hair moisturized. I like the way my hair responds to this. It certainly doesn't dry it out. Nice fragrance that smells like Sen Sen which is an old licorice breath mint I miss from my youth. My main concern these days is to find products that do what No Poo and Conditioner One do but without any toxic chemicals. I appreciate that this is a paraben and sulfate free line, but there are still too many chemicals that have been shown to have ill-effects to make them safe for daily use over years. We must insist that companies use all safe ingredients. For this reason I won't continue to use the Deva line unless they reformulate using all non-toxic ingredients. I'm searching for the perfect combination of non-toxic yet effective. I have several clean products coming, and I'll review their effectiveness soon.

Trader Joe`s Nourish Conditioner

Jan 02, 2013 - I would give this product 5 curls if they removed the toxic parabens. It allows my curls to stay defined without weighing my hair down. The price is great. I'd be so happy if it were they just replaced those two parabens with something organic. As much as I like it, I won't continue to use it because of this. Sounds crazy to many of you I'm sure, but applying these endocrine disrupters every day for years will likely do damage to the body. Trader Joe's is known for its higher quality ingredients, so it surprises me that they'd put this into their products.