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Blue Iris Salon - Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Anson Howard-Owner

Nov 27, 2012 - I've had Anson cut my hair a handful of times. I liked him because he cut my hair dry, so I felt like he knew what he was doing. The down side of that was that every time he cut it I was constantly coming home and trimming strands that were two to three inches longer than intended because he somehow managed to miss them. The hair cuts were nothing to rave about, but his salon was convenient and the cuts were no worse than others I've gotten, so I kept going back. I've decided to stop, however, because his customer service was atrocious. The first time I went he was great, asked questions about my work and family, general small talk. I went back six weeks later, he had no clue who I was, we had the same conversation. Six weeks after that he asked if he'd cut my hair before and it was the same thing. Six weeks later, same thing, except this time he was 15 minutes late and took 10 minutes to cut my hair because his next appointment was coming in and he needed to prepare the color for her. It was the worst cut I've ever gotten. I asked for layers, he cut it straight across. When I showed him exactly where I wanted layers he offered me an appointment for another day to fix what he'd messed up and charged me for the full 45 minute appointment. Clearly not worth the expense.