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Aussie Instant Freeze Maximum Hold Styling Gel

May 24, 2014 - Liked at first, but over time, noticed it was drying to my hair. Its got one of those not great quats, high on the ingredient list. That may cause a bit oif buildup also, if you only cowash like I do

Peter Lamas Soy Hydrating Conditioner

Aug 06, 2011 - they must have changed ingredients .my bottle purchased fr/ health food store, had no glycerin listed, and had stearalkonium chloride listed as 4th ingredient, had none of the coco???? (upper 4-5 ingredients listed.. I cowashed w/ my usual effective co, and styled with a usually reliable styler, (KCCC &BRHG),, my hair was limp, flyaway, and frizzy, had to wear up. going back. luckily they exchange everything.Not for fine curly/wavy.

DevaCurl One Condition

Jul 30, 2011 - Used to love, till they changed their formulation a year or so ago,even desperately wrote to them. what a diff .offers no moisture,you have to use 3 xs as much..dont even think it will make a decent shaving cream... booo on Deva

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Salon Forte - Salona Bch/San Diego, California, United States
Jordan Barrett

Jan 12, 2014 - My regular stylist out sick, so decided to try the curly cutter, at my fav salon where I get my haircolor done by a diff girl . Jordan, cuts one of the owners hair, who has the most gorgeous curls Ive ever seen, and has recently taken extensive deva training.But heard was excellent even before. She cut dry. didnt overcut, let me bring in and use my own products, because I ,hate deva, which she carries there.Didnt bother her at all. I Love this whole salon.Everyone there, is fantastic. She took her time,it came out great, she correcyed some problems I'ld had with not curling in the back, my hairs very fine,and has cowlicks and shows every little mistake. The cut came out perfectly even,w great curl,couldnt be happier. cost $55.00, but I did all my own styling .I would def. see her again.

Salon Hermosa - San Diego, California, United States
Gloria Sandoval-Hines

Jul 31, 2011 - Had my first haircut with gloria, in her easy to find, right off the freeway, home salon. So glad I did, she has a client for life. Repaired my previous 3 bad trim/haircuts, 2 of which were curly "experts"The worst, being hello curls,Beverly Neeland. finally after a year Gloria corrected the hole she cut in my hair, after she cut off 4 inches.Then my former fav,: salon Michelle, trimmed/cut to correct,,, IT DIDN"T(love Michelle, but think maybe my fine hair is a challenge for her) Then my colorist said ends are breaking off too bad, she had to trim some off(she's not a curly cutter, unfortunately ) I thought , my hair must have changed , the curl, is now stringy, fine waves, wearing it up all the time. Hatin my hair..Enter Gloria, cuts dry, takes her time, lets you reveiw fr/ all sides along the way.My hair feels 3 xs as thick, the tangles are gone,awesome shape, considering my cowlicks. I have my 3a curls back. Its a miracle of new hair. Really! And she charges $25.00. Are you kidding me, I almost fell over, she spent a lot of time with me. (and a very nice woman) Thank you God. Funny how good hair, can make you so uplifted.like a good workout. hahaha if your on this forum, you know what I mean.Im breaking out in the van morrison song: G_L_O_R_I_A!!!

Hair By Michelle - San Diego, California, United States

Apr 20, 2010 - Michelle was my first curly cut, and oh what a difference. I went to her when she was at mermaids (I left a review) and she gave me the most manageable, and better curl pattern, for my babyfine 2a-3a hair. She turned it into 3a,with ringlets, spirals, and it lasted a year, which my colorist trimmed traditional style, left my curls, wavy, and shaggy looking,went to another curly expert, here in SD(Beverly) asked for shape, and ended up with clavicle length hair,(started with BSL),and wanted to keep length. I will be back to Michelle. I've sent others to her new location, and they are now regulars,also. She's a keeper(if you want to keep your hair,ha ha!)!