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Curls Rock Hair Studio - Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Mar 19, 2013 - This will be somewhat long as I've incorporated a summary of my entire visit. I also felt that a thorough and candid review from a person with type 4 hair might be useful to some. I found the Curls Rock Hair Studio via the Naturally Curly website. I was specifically looking for the a DevaChan stylist but after reading the vague and less then stellar review posted by the other person with type 4 hair, I checked out a couple of other options. After a week of searching and dubious responses from the natural hair salons and stylists listed in my area, I called after hours and left a message at Curls Rock. I was called back within an hour of their opening and I made an appointment for Saturday afternoon. I figured since- unlike the other salons I contacted- they had the wherewithal to call a potential client back and answer questions in a knowledgeable fashion I would give them a try. I'm extremely pleased that I did! I arrived on time for my appointment at 2:30 pm. As I walked in the door I wasn't entirely surprised-albeit a little apprehensive- to see that mine was the only type 4 (corkscrew/ coffee stirrer circumference curl) head of hair in the salon at the time. Most of my initial discomfort was assuaged when I was greeted warmly by the receptionist. She welcomed me to the salon, asked my name and informed me that my stylist would be with me in a few minutes.The salon was smaller than I had imagined and it was pretty much bustling. I was directed to a cozy sitting area to wait. The waiting area faces the entire salon which allowed me a chance to see the stylists in action. My stylist (and the owner) Katrina said hello to me from a chair where she was finishing up with another client. She let me know she would be helping me shortly. A girl named Amanda came by, introduced herself and offered coffee, tea or water. While I did have to wait a bit prior to getting into my stylists chair, the wait was comfortable and the atmosphere was pleasant. Upon sitting with Katrina she explored my hair and asked about my expectations and the type of cut I wanted for my hair. I showed her a picture and explained that I was really looking for a good shape. I felt my hair was too weighed down at the top and my 'wash and go' style had taken on a pyramid look. As a result I had been pulling my hair up into puffs or buns for months. I also felt that my hair might have gotten too long for my tastes since my curls seemed a little hard to define and lifeless in some areas. I had my hair in a low ponytail which had stretched it out to about shoulder length. Katrina informed me that she would need to see how my hair naturally falls and also that she needed to see the true curl pattern. My ponytail had stretched the curls out too much. I have 4a/4b fine, dense hair with an epic amount of shrinkage. When straightened my hair reaches to about bra strap length. When air dried it curls /kinks to about my jawline. I was sent over to the sink where Amanda washed, conditioned and detangled my hair. She was very pleasant and explained each step of the process and the products she was using. She gently finger detangled my hair with conditioner and then Katrina came over to do a deeper condition. While working the product in, she asked me about my normal hair routine. I told her that I'm pretty low maintenance about my hair. I usually wash it (with a clay shampoo) and then apply a leave in conditioner and light oil before pulling it up. Katrina explained to me that my hair was VERY dry in a way that emphasized that it didn't have to be. She said I would do well to condition it in order to really bring it to life. Because my hair was so parched, a lot of the conditioner (Heaven in Hair) was left in my hair (the same product also doubles as a styling cream) and I was sent to sit under the dryer. If you research or are familiar with the DevaChan method of cutting, curly hair is cut dry, in the area it falls. While I sat under the dryer I kept looking at my hair. It was amazing to me the difference it made just hydrating my hair alone. Myriads of tiny defined curls were winking at me all over my head! ;) Once damp dry, I was told to flip my head forward and downward (think ostrich) so she could diffuse my hair. When it was almost completely dry Katrina went to work on my cut. She took the image of the picture I had shown her and tailored it to a version that fit me. She applied a light oil to my hair and continued diffusing it. The finished product? In love! I have hydrated, shiny, more defined curls. My hair looks and feels healthier and it has a true shape! It's long enough to where I can pull it back when I want to, and when worn out, it has a full and balanced shape. There was no product pushing at this salon. After I asked which products Katrina thought I would benefit the most from, the ONLY one she recommended was the Heaven in Hair product. And more than anything she encouraged me to condition my hair regularly. The ladies at Curls Rock are very talented and professional. I sincerely believe communication with your stylist is key-at any salon. I watched as the Curls staff dealt with their clients. They asked and answered questions, chatted comfortably with their clients and made a dozen curly heads look amazing. They even defused a mild situation with one woman by immediately addressing and amending a hair-color concern she had. The issue was handled so smoothly and with such tact that I was very impressed. They made that one client feel valued by catering to her and at the same time, they reinforced the confidence the other clients had in them as stylists. I'm very excited about my hair now and I will definitely be seeing them again!