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Capella Salon - Studio City, California, United States

May 08, 2008 - Well - I guess I'm in the (vast) minority here, but I didn't have the overwhelmingly positive experience at Capella that everyone else did. I made an appointment with Shai based on the reviews I found on this site. I knew he'd be expensive but I wanted to treat myself. Sooo... I went in with a pretty good idea of what I wanted. I wanted to take some weight and volume off, I wanted to keep my bangs (which are the only part of my hair I straighten) and add more layers throughout. I also wanted to even out the color, which got gradually darker toward the roots. During the session, Shai and his assistant really gave me the hard sell for Deva products through every step of the process. I felt like I was in an infomercial. Not once was I asked how I generally styled/washed/conditioned my hair. Though they DID ask me which products I used. It was just assumed that because I didn't use Deva (I DO use CG friendly products) that I didn't know anything about what to put on my hair. It was a little insulting, actually. There seemed to be an assumption that I'd be buying the entire Deva line when I left. 2 hours and 250 dollars later, I didn't really have exactly what I wanted. Shai gave me what was, I'm sure, a good haircut, for what it was. But I just felt that it wasn't exactly what I'd asked for. He hadn't given me very many layers. He hadn't really trimmed my bangs (in fact he suggested I leave them curly several times, and I appreciate that he likes curls, but i KNEW i wanted to keep my bangs straight at least for a little while, and I shouldn't have to repeat that a bunch of times). To top that off, the way my hair ended up being styled made me feel sort of... frumpy. It was really poufy and high at the top. I'd go so far as to say I looked a little soccer-mom-ish. Instead of evening out my hair color by going slightly darker, which was the idea I'd gone in with, he'd talked me into getting highlights at the roots, which I felt "meh" about when I saw them, and the way my hair was styled just really disappointed me overall. When I left the salon he asked me which Deva products I'd be buying. I didn't buy any, and immediately pulled my bouffy mom-hair back into a ponytail. I called a couple days later to get the cut fixed. I just wasn't pleased with it. He couldn't fit me in for a few days to fix the cut (which also displeased me, because I would think that when someone's not happy with their cut you should make an effort to fit them in as soon as possible). When I went back in, he added more layers, trimmed up the bangs, and got it right the 2nd time (though I'm having my color fixed by someone else). Overall, Shai was a really nice guy (and I actually feel guilty for leaving this review after all the glowing stuff that's been written here), but I have to say that I felt that he didn't fully listen to me or make me feel like my wants were important. It sounds like a lot of people here have gotten great cuts from him, and I think that's awesome. But I wouldn't go back. For 250 dollars I should walk out feeling like a million bucks the FIRST time.