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Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight

Jun 26, 2014 - I can honestly give this five curls! After staying away from heat for a little over a year I decided to flat iron my hair for Prom this passed May. I picked up this product about a month before the event to do some real research and assure myself that my curls would actually bounce back after I was ready to wash out the treatment. I was satisfied with what I found, that the conditioner was just a keratin amino acid treatment that would bond to my hair and help keep it straight. Great! No damage! I needed my hair to stay nice a sleek for the entire day because I was also putting in some straight clip in extensions from Bellami Hair so it needed to blend. Anyways, I went to the salon and had them do the treatment and the flat iron results were amazing! My hair blended perfectly with the extensions! Now fast forward to prom: first of all it was misting outside and I had nothing to cover my head with but my hair still stayed straight. I was also sweating a bit at prom from dancing and my hair still stayed straight. The humidity that day was also ridiculous after the rain and my hair still stayed straight! A huge difference from the poof ball mess I usually get when I flat iron my hair without this product. A week later I decided to use the maintenance system (the shampoo and conditioner that comes with the product) and my hair looked really weird. It looked like it was heat damaged to be honest. I was a bit worried but I read that the treatment "forces" your hair straight so I trusted that was that. I went and flat ironed my hair again for a concert with the same results, super sleek and blended great with the clip ins. Only this time I was sweating A LOT at the concert and my roots poofed up BUT still not as badly as they would have w/o the treatment. Yesterday I decided I had enough of the straight hair as it is now summer and straight hair is just too hot, I washed twice with Mixed Chicks shampoo and my curls came back! In fact even tighter and more curly than before..I believe the treatment actually repaired my hair to some extent. Anyways, I see a lot of people dogging this product saying it's a perm and they don't trust it but I've used it and love the results. Your curls WILL COME BACK!