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Luster Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Edge Smoother Gel

Apr 26, 2016 -

I had used this edge smoother gel on damp hair after washing it. I applied it with my fingertips, and then I put a headband on my head to hold my edges down for 20 minutes. I like how it has a very light hold, however, the next day I noticed that my edges still looked frizzy and there was white residue left behind from using the product. Therefore, It doesn't do a great job at holding my edges down. I only liked how smoothed and soft my edges felt. Also, the smell is just ok there isn't anything special about the smell. Overall, this is an ok edge smoother gel.

Luster Pink Apricot Oil

Apr 26, 2016 -

I believe this was my very first time using Apricot oil, and I had a good experience with using it. I like how light this oil is going on my hair and it's not that heavy. I used it after applying the luster's pink shea butter coconut oil conditioner. It kind of weighted my hair down which I didn't mind at all. My hair felt soft and moisturized. Also, It was shiny. Another way that I had used this oil was to seal in the moisture on my two strand twists. The next day, my twists felt soft and fluffy. Lastly, I'm in love with the way this oil smell which reminds me of strawberry and baby oil. The packaging really does fits this line because It made me so tempting to try the product out.

Luster Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Moisturizing & Silkening Conditioner

Apr 26, 2016 -

This conditioner reminds me of a strawberry smoothie which smells really good. I'm in love with the packaging because the color pink really fits this product line. I used this product as a deep conditioner, so I left it in my hair with a plastic shower cap for over an hour. It had ok slip not too good because I had some tangles. After rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, I noticed that my hair was left with some moisture not a lot of moisture. Also, I noticed that my color did not fade out of my hair because I did a henna treatment on the same day that I used this product. Lastly, it bring out my texture because they was popping.