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Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Spray

Aug 19, 2014 - I used this exactly how the directions suggested (with the curl activator) and the results were nothing special. This product acted like olive oil and water mixture but more expensive. It did smell great though (I got a lot of compliments) but not sure I would pay for a smell (lol). I ended up using this like a overnight twist cream (2 strand twist). If I didn't care about curl definition, just how moisturized my hair looked then I would use this. Otherwise for more definition, I'd use something else.

Twisted Sista Curl Activator Crème

Aug 19, 2014 - I'm giving this 3 curls because it didn't seem as I couldn't use enough. One bottle only lasted for one a few hairstyles. Also because I wouldn't say that it "gives life to tired curls" without using it overnight. I used this as a hair "setter"--a twist cream before bed (2-strand twist). When I took it out in the morning it looked great. I could feel the Argan oil was moisturizing without leaving an oily feeling and it gave my hair great shine throughout the day. My twist out lasted 1-2 days which is consistent with my hair (4c) and the climate I live in (high humidity). Good enough for a twist-out cream but nothing else.

Ossat Naturals Form & Hold Wax

May 13, 2014 - This product performed a bit (just a bit) better than the other styling custard & gel in this line up against the humidity, but in the end my twist-out morphed into a beautiful afro. Not the look I was going for during the work week, but then not many non-'cone' products can handle the Texas humidity. I was skeptical because of the consistency but it left my hair very soft to the touch and not sticky at all. I'm going to try mixing it with the custard to see if I can maintain just a bit of a twist-out before I reserve my final judgement. My daughter, on the other hand, twisted her locs with this wax and can't stop raving about it. So there's that.