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M Salon - Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Aug 02, 2008 - I went to Dana after reading all of the great reviews on this site, and after trying unsuccessfully to make peace with my curly hair a few times. I've had my hair cut by him 3 times now, and overall I have been pleased. The first cut was when my hair was long, and he shaped it up and brought out the curl really well. I've been wearing it curly ever since. I'd been wanting to cut it short for a while now and ran htis by him during my first cut. He was supportive and so I bit the bullet and had him cut it short the second time I visited M Salon. Still good results. The 3rd time I went back was for a trim to shape up my hair as I grew it out again, but this time the cut didn't last for much longer than about 2 weeks. It just didn't grow out very well and I found I needed another cut badly after just a few weeks. Although his fee of $45 is pretty inexpensive for the city, it wasn't cheap enough that I could afford it very often! I decided to try another salon (Twilight; I wrote a review for them, too), and was quite pleased. I think I will go back to them rather than to Dana/M given that I got more attention, just as good (if not better) a cut, and all for a cheaper price. I do have to say that I didn't find M Salon as a whole very comfortable. It's a funky place but the staff isn't particularly friendly (if not being downright rude). I had the same experience that it sounds like a lot of others have had with the owner and rest of the staff. Overall I was pleased with Dana's cuts, although I did not feel like he spent a lot of time on my hair (each cut was about 30 minutes). I felt like he knew what he was doing - of course, a good thing - but felt like he didn't spend a lot of time getting to know my hair.

Twilight - Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Aug 02, 2008 - The past few times I'd had my hair cut it was at M Salon in Cambridge, with Dana. He did a good job but I wasn't totally convinced.... I was desperate for a trim and was looking for a less expensive place to try. I read some good reviews of Twilight, and made an appointment with Lisa. The reviews were not necc. for curly hair, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but was very pleasantly surprised! She spent the full hour really taking the time to look at my hair and cut it carefully. (My cuts at M Salon were always very quick and I felt like they weren't really tailored to me.) I am growing my hair out after having a short cut, so Lisa had to do some re-shaping to make it look good at it's in-between length. She really made my hair a lot lighter and brought out the curl well! For only $35, I was absolutely pleased and am definitely going back!