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Destination Salon - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Feb 23, 2012 - At 62, I have struggled with my naturally curly hair for a long time. I was excited to read "Curly Girl" and discover that with proper care I might actually like my curls. I had been using the method for about 5 days, and was seeing some curl definition and beginning to be hopeful. It was especially exciting to feel little tendrils of curl at the back of my head that wrapped around my finger when I felt back there. I couldn't wait to get a hand mirror to see what they looked like. I had a few questions about the method and things I do to exfoliate my scalp, so I called Destination Salon and told the receptionist that I was naturally curly, was using the Curly Girl method, and needed a hair care consultation to get some answers I hadn't been able to find elsewhere. She gave me an appointment with Precious. When I came in and showed Precious the products I was using, she told me I was on the right track. Then I went on to explain to her that I was really excited with the Curly Girl method, because I had never actually seen my natural curls as they could be, just as a bush of frizz, and that I was beginning to see curl definition and individuation already. I also told her that I never use a blow dryer on my hair, because it always causes it to frizz. At this point she didn't seem to understand what I was saying. She left for a few minutes, and I told my sister I felt like I had suddenly started speaking Greek. Then Precious came back and plugged in a blow dryer and with a few brush strokes homogenized my emerging curls into a "style". I was not amused. I was not impressed. I was devastated. I wanted to jump up and scream at her and storm out. Instead, I gathered up my things and politely made my way out of there. I will not be back. In my opinion, if a salon makes the effort to call themselves a "Curly Salon" and be listed by naturallycurly.com, even if only 1 or 2 stylists are going to deal with curly hair, all the stylists should understand and respect the concepts we curly girls are trying to use to bring out the best in our curls. And so the hunt for a salon begins, again.