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Norwood & Company - Arlington, Texas, United States

Nov 15, 2009 - OK, so after reading all the 'rave' reviews about Anthony, I decided to give him a try. After all the salon is very handy to my home AND I am accustomed to having my hair cut DRY from back home (moved here recently from out of state). Dry cutters are seemingly hard to find, you know. Anyways, here's my lowdown: The salon is very beautiful and it has a super relaxing atmosphere! Everyone there is helpful & friendly (I especially love the owner, BJ and his wife, Susan, who works the reception desk). They are delightful in every way! Anthony is a great guy. Very nice, sweet, gentle personality. I do, however, agree with the reviewer who stated that his specialty seems to be cutting CURLY hair. My hair is mostly straight (thick, slight wave, and long). After going to him, I am just astounded at all the 'out of this world' reviews about him. I wouldn't NOT go back to him, but I didn't think he was the be all, end all either. Maybe slightly above average at best. First of all, he lacks knowledge and confidence (probably because he has only been a hair stylist for 5 years at the most) Surely those things will come with time and that's OK. Everyone starts somewhere. He is VERY LUCKY that someone like BJ took him in and trained him. BJ has over 21 years hair experience, and from what I gather, is an EXCEPTIONAL hair stylist. Again, though, just adding my thoughts here. Maybe he does wonders with super curly hair like some people have said in this forum?? He's not terrible by any means, but I just guess I was expecting to be a little happier with my cut after reading these posts. I did not experience all the "time he spends examining the hair type and talking about client's expectations, etc." Oh well.... On a positive note, though, the salon has many positive attributes such as encouraging healthy hair practices (i.e. no straight irons, curling irons and no all over permanent hair colors, however they do foil highlights). Their philosophy is just 'going with your natural hair' and that is refreshing to find in an upscale salon. All in all, yes you should give this salon a try. Just maybe don't expect a miracle??? Be realistic, and I think you'll be happy with the end result. (Give BJ a try, IF you can stomach his $85.00 and up haircuts!)