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Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix Moisturizing Conditioner

Apr 11, 2014 - just noticed i had posted a review back in 2011 and said that while it is a great deep conditioner, not good for leave in. well, it is GREAT for leave in! it's what keeps my hair great in low/mid/high dew points, i just adjust the amount i use. works great under gels, alone with a sealant..... this is an amazing all-around hair conditioner/treatment/leave in. it is my HG for conditioners and a staple i am never without.

Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha - Hair Styling Gel

Jan 24, 2013 - i loved the first version in the jar, could not make the pump bottle version work for my hair, at all. until recently. i have been using it quite successfully on dry hair! does not frizz, does not flake, gives me lots of curls and umph! my hair already has leave in and a sealant, then air dried. on the days when my hair is just falling flat, i scrunch pp into my already dry hair, and wow! this might just be my winter HG!

Curl Junkie BeautiCurls Leave-In Conditioner

Feb 03, 2012 - love this conditioning leave in!! it never over conditions my hair, is just the right amount of moisture. enhances my curls, adds volume, leaves my hair soft with lots of body. i use this as a leave in and styler in one. the smell is a little sweet, but it dissipates as my hair dries, no lingering smell.

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Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
Carlos Flores

Dec 30, 2010 - i first heard of Carlos Flores on Naturally Curly salon reviews. I had heard about the deva method when i read the first curly girl book, my introduction to the world of curlies! For years no one could tell me how to best cut and care for my hair, i did not even realize i had actual curls, i thought just a few waves, often frizz; my hair was a continual source of frustration. Now that i knew curly hair care existed, I decided to do my research and find the best stylist i could, and Carlos came out way on top in my research. My first appointment was, as i suspected it would be, disappointing because my hair was too short to do a curly cut. Carlos told me to return in 5, 6 months for a cut, and meanwhile he taught me about my hair and instructed me in its care. He told me the haircut is 50% of what your hair looks like, the products you use and the way you use them is the other 50%. Five and a half months later i returned, and it was even more than i had hoped for. Carlos brought out curls that i never knew i had, he made my hair smile and laugh! i left the salon with bouncy, happy hair. I was thrilled with my hair. That was over 5 years ago, and my hair and i are still happy. As a side note, my best friend from high school lives across the country from me. When she was visiting relatives in the area 2 years ago we got together for dinner. As we sat and talked and caught up on our lives, she kept stopping midconversation and saying, "Your hair is so curly! It wasn't like this in high school!" Carlos listens to what you would like with your hair, he respects length and will not go shorter than you want. He has been a great source of information both about my hair properties and ingredients the times i have been in search of new products. If he gives recommendations, he tells you why he is recommending a certain product. Two years ago i decided to stop coloring the gray in my hair and Carlos was a major source of support for me throughout the tough transition phase. When i was anxious to cut off color, he gave helpful advice about where my curls began and how it would look at certain lengths. He is available to customers with questions by phone and by email. I have referred family and friends to Carlos and they all are grateful, feel he gives them the haircut/care they want for their hair -- all types, from wavies to kinky curly. I have been stopped on the street, in the supermarket, restaurants, by many curlies who ask me who cuts my hair. Six years ago i would never have imagined that happening, and it all goes back to Carlos.

Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
Carlos Flores

Dec 14, 2008 - I've going to Carlos for several years now. I always have good hair days, never a bad hair day. A few months ago, I was finding it impossible to get into the city and decided to give a stylist out here on Long Island a try after reading rave reviews about her. I knew as she was cutting it was a mistake. I just did not look too closely at my hair til it grew in enough for me to get into the city to see carlos. with each snip of hair he took, i could see tremendous improvement and feel relief, and was so thankful i made the time to get there. Carlos is truly a master with curly hair. I have a mix of curly and wavy, and he is able to fit it all together, and, make it work for my face, not just one style fits all, and he listens, does not just do what he wants. carlos is there to make the client happy, and i am, and all my friends i've referred to him are, they thank me frequently for referring him. he takes the time to review your hair routine, gives you as much or as little time as you need about this, as he tells you this is as important as the cut. so you leave there knowing how to best care for your hair.