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Curl Junkie BeautiCurls Argan and Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner

Mar 29, 2013 - I was unsure to try this bec my hair likes Hair Rules Ultra Conditioner, which I use both as a RO and deep conditioner (plastic conditioning cap for 20-30 min, appy a bit more and comb thru, then cold rinse), but had bought it in the same order, not knowing HRUC was to become my HG for normal conditionong. Well, this works wonderful as a daily RO conditioner, but I like it better as a deep conditioner, using it at I had used the HRUC above. My hair is even softer, shinier, and bouncier when using this after HRCC for my monthly deep conditioner. I did try it as a LIC too and it works well for my hair (Ohio winter conditions). Now I have 2 great products to work with for RO conditioning, deep conditioning, & LIC (HRLIC is also a great LIC & I use it for a refresher on second and subsequent days--see my review there).

Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner

Mar 29, 2013 - Nice and light leave-in product that softens hair and does not add to frizz in Ohio winters & rainy days for me. I use this as a LIC after cleansing with HRCC and on no cleansing days as a refresher by lightly misting my hair with water and putting a nickle-sized dollop into one hand and emulsifing with the other, then scrunching and pumping into my hair while inverted. Refreshes my waves (lazy & baby wvaes forcasted days that I use HRWM) back into well defined waves and my curls (pleasant & happy waves forcasted days when I use HRCW) back into well defined curls. If I get a little too much in my hair when using as a refresher, I just need to lightly scrunch it when dry. I always air dry, haven't used a hairdryer for almost 2 years!!

Hair Rules Wavy Mousse

Mar 29, 2013 - I timidly used this product when I first received it and had nicely defined, soft waves without frizz. Then I saw somewhere that one could not use too much of this product, so on a day when "lazy waves" were forcast for my hair and location, I amped up and used enough to wet & squish in my hair. VIOLA!! EThinly clumped elongated spirals when wet and soft elongated spirals throughout the day without frizz after air dried. There was a slight crunch to lightyly scrunch out, but that probably controlled the frizz. Hair was clean, soft, and had no product feel for several days. Volume was attaing by inverting my head and lightly rubbing the roots. Beautiful, and my hubby started calling me, "Curlie". My HG for lazy & baby waves days. I use the HR Curly Whip as my HG on Pleasant & happy wave days to be more curly.