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Nov 30

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Ecoco Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel Krystal

Jul 07, 2010 - I bought this at Sally's (4.99) because the reviews were great and I decided to try it because the price is right. By the time my hair dried, it was big fuzzy poof ball. My hair does not like hydrolyzed wheat protein! I'm glad that some have had great success, but it just didn't work for my 3B hair.

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De La Rosa Salon - Orlando, Florida, United States
Ryan Delarosa

Oct 13, 2013 - Ryan Delarosa recently relocated from Halo Salon and Spa. I think I would stalk, errr.. .. I mean follow this man anywhere because he's still the best and I can count on a great cut and color. Ryan is Ouidad certified, but it's okay if you're looking for something else. He has been my stylist for years and you can fully trust that he will listen to what you want and will give you great advice based on his years of experience. He will steer you away from mistakes and suggest cuts and styles that will work for you. Best thing about Ryan is he's a curly fan - he will make your curls rock. If you prefer to wear your hair straight, he can make that magic happen too. Love him!

Halo Salon-Spa - Orlando, Florida, United States
Bekka Vania

Dec 20, 2012 - Hey, Bekka is Ouidad certified, too! This salon is so nice, so friendly, and the hair skills are top notch. Bekka does great color and fantastic cuts. Curlies, we are lucky to have TWO Ouidad certified stylists in Orlando, so please take advantage. They are both great!

Halo Salon-Spa - Orlando, Florida, United States
Ryan Delarosa

Sep 17, 2011 - Ryan has recently opened his own salon in the College Park area. For many years, I have trusted him to take good care of my 3B curls and his recommendations are always spot on. He has blown it straight, applied Rusk Anti curl, colored, applied Keratin and provided perfect cuts. But deep down inside, I do LOVE my curly hair and have always preferred the bouncy, healthy look of natural curls. He recently became Ouidad certified and recommended that I try this curly hair cutting technique. Once again, he was on the mark! My curl formation is better than ever. You can find the salon on FB or message me if you have questions.