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Salon Coco Bond - Little Silver, New Jersey, United States
Mary Jeanne Ricchione

Jan 26, 2011 - THIS REVIEW IS FOR ERIN - OWNER/STYLIST FROM COCOBOND. I had the best salon experience I have had in a long time at Salon Coco Bond! I will spare you the gory details, but I was coming off of a 2 year cycle of bad haircuts, in the search to find my HG stylist..... I went from having been butchered... to 12 months of growing it out..... to meh..... to MAJOR BUTCHERING.... I was starting to think it was my hair that had changed somehow.... On a whim I went to Erin (owner/stylist) at Salon CocoBond (saw them on Facebook) - THANK YOU LORD! It was clear from the moment we began the consultation that she "knows" curly hair. She is an excellent listener and very generous with her time. She remedied my bad haircut as much as possible and laid out the game plan for what we are working towards. I literally went from a year+ of hating my hair, to loving my hair again, overnite! Erin is an excellent technician; for the record, she cut my hair both wet and then dry. Her hair is naturally curly, so she so 'gets it'. The salon itself is also great; cozy and clean with a relaxed, friendly vibe - no drama. For those who prefer they also have a Certified Curly Specialist (whom I have never tried); but I am so happy to have found Erin. Lastly, she does color as well:) So now, I don't have to travel 3 hours round trip to do cut or color and, the best part - I LOVE MY HAIR:)

Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States

Dec 11, 2009 - Ahhh... the Famous Carlos! I had gotten a bad cut by a previous stylist in April. In attempting TWICE to have it fixed, I ended up butchered:( I knew I would have to bid my time and grow it out, which gave me plenty of time to research a new stylist. After extensive research I decided on Carlos (formerly of Devachan) at Mario Diab Salon in Soho NYC (a 3 hour round trip for me). I emailed Carlos in the end of August, explaining my situation. He suggested I wait 1) til the seasons changed and 2) til my hair grew as much as I could stand. Fast Forward to 3 days before Thanksgiving. The Salon itself is spare and quiet. I arrived early but Carlos was ready for me. He was very tutorial and informative regarding all things curly (most of which I already knew from this site). The greatest thing he taught me was the proper way to clip; it changed my life and hair!:) We agreed to leave my length and he simply adjusted some VERY off kilter layers. My hair looked editorial perfect when I left and Carlos taught me how to replicate it on my own. My hair looks SO MUCH BETTER NOW. It makes 'sense' in the way it falls and it looks full without being bulky. The curls look 'free'without being wild and all this with way less effort than I had to put into it before. Yay:) Curly Girl Happy:)