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Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
carlos flores

May 30, 2011 - Carlos is simply amazing. I was very hesitant at spending so much on a haircut for my 3c/4a curls, but I think it was well worth it. The appointment is scheduled for an hour, but he spent an hour simply going over my hair and things I should and shouldn't do to my hair. After I insisted that he cut my hair (he didn't want to because it wasn't "long" enough, even though my hair was shoulder length curly), he shaped it nicely and then I was taken to be no-pooed. Idk if it was a shampoo girl or his assistant, but she brushed my hair out, which made it HUGE! Carlos proceeded to style it with DevaCurl products, showing me what to do as he did it. I then sat under a dryer (which he used as an "x-ray machine" lol). After I was dry he was showing me the style but I hated it. It was waay to big for my preferences... He instantly saw this in my face and asked me if I wanted to re do it. I decided to have it redone because my curls were completely undefined and it was just too big. Another stylist then proceeded to detangle my hair (again) with DevaCurl one conditioner. Afterwards Carlos used my own products to style my hair (sheamoisture coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie and ecostyler olive oil gel). He was very light on the amount of product he used and my hair was still bigger than I normally wear it, but I simply love the shape of the cut he gave me and the "bigness" really showed it off, so I was content with it. My appointment was at 2 and I didn't leave until almost 7.... yes it was a long time but my hair takes forever to dry and the overall experience was well worth it. I thought I was going to Carlos to get a BC because I tend to straighten and just not take the best care of my hair, but he told me that my hair wasn't in nearly as horrible of a condition as I thought it was and I simply needed to DC more frequently. =) The only reason I didn't give a full 5 stars is because my hair simply hated the DevaCurl line. Even though all I left with in my hair was the One Conditioner the next day my hair felt very very dry. It was horrible, and my hair has NEVER felt this bad, not even when I used to relax. Still, I can't state how much I loved the overall experience. I definitely notice an improvement in my hair (it's only been about a week), the curl formation is definitely better and more uniform. My hair still hasn't completely recovered from that lady brushing out my hair, so it's still bigger than I'm used to, but I'm starting to like it (as Carlos said I would lol). I totally recommend Carlos to anyone with loose or tight curls. He truly is a genius!