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Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Original

Mar 21, 2012 - I have fine 3A/B hair that gets weighed down extremely easily -- many product that supposedly aren't heavy make my hair limp and greasy. So, I've been using this for a bit over a month and have to say that I truly believe I've found my HG product. I use CK after cleansing/conditioning by combing through then scrunching upside-down, and as someone else noted, I let it sit for a few minutes -- I think that's the trick. Then, I scrunch through a couple of squirts of Set It Free, then apply and scrunch in my gel. After either air-drying or diffusing (depending on time) I end up with exactly what I wanted: nice, soft clumpy ringlets that last 2-3 days with maybe a little water touch-up (interesting note: if I don't use SIF, while the curls last all day, I don't get 2nd day). Also, the weather here has been alternating between dry/windy and very humid, and my hair has ignored it all!

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Cala Renee Salon - Beverly, Massachusetts, United States

Sep 29, 2011 - Yesterday, I had my first Deva Cut at Cala Renee Salon. I'm still in shock... for the first time in my life, I don't hate my hair the next day! Sarah took the time to really look at my hair before she began cutting; she asked me a lot of questions about what products I used, how I used them, lifestyle, as well as the look and length I would be most happy with. While products were discussed and suggested, I never felt she was pushing additional products. She answered all of my questions about using products, and what type may work best for my hair type and the look I wanted. She cut, then cleansed, conditioned, added product and sat me under the bonnet dryer for a bit to dry somewhat, then cut again. The cut is perfect -- exactly what I wanted in that it takes full advantage of my natural curl, and is well-shaped for my face. As previously stated, I'm in shock -- normally, I spend the next week trying to modify my hair to fit a cut and this time, it was still looking pretty good when I got out of bed. As is my habit after a haircut, I did wash my hair today and used the procedures shown by Sarah. And -- wonder of wonders -- the cut is STILL perfect -- actually may be better, thanks to our relative humidity today. I did add one extra product to my regimen (that Sarah said I didn't really need, by the way, but might help my late afternoon slump) and saw an immediate improvement. My hair is soft, bouncy, full -- not sticky or heavy -- and my daughter says it looks great and suits my personality. Pros: Easy to find; good prices on both services and products; very accommodating (the fit me in before an upcoming trip); extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled staff; no heavy upselling or uber-pushing of products and/or services; great customer service and follow-up: I got a call the day before the appointment as a reminder (THANK YOU!), and an email thanking me within an hour after the end of my appointment. Cons: The coffee could be better <grin> Maybe get a Keurig?