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Motions Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner

Aug 15, 2013 - This leave-in was fine. I felt that they we're really trying to walk the line between having your hair not get weighed down by too much moisture so that your hair didn't look oily while straight, and giving curlies the moisture they need, and I think they erred on the side of too little moisture. This leave in was great at detangling as others have said, but it really didn't help in the "staying moisturized" department. Though I think they remedied that a little bit with the sealer. (Which I loved)

Motions Straight Finish Cleanser

Aug 15, 2013 - After discovering NaturallyCurly several years ago, I learned to always check the ingredients list before using a product. Ordinarily I never would have picked this product off the shelf as I have learned to view sodium laureth sulfate as the Devil, but as it was delivered to my door I decided to give it a go. On first open I enjoyed the salon-y smell. It was a nice consistency, but it was SO lathery which I know is one of the main purposes of the sulfate. I washed it out and my hair felt really clean, but I wondered...was it too clean?ll straightened my hair afterwards and I think the Cleanser really helped to eliminate the product build up that would have otherwise weighed my straight hair down, but that also made it more frizzy. I think next time I use it, I'll use less of the cleanser and focus it on my scalp to avoid removing too much moisture from my hair for straightening and use more of the conditioner and much more of the sealer to prevent the frizzy problem. Bottom line: Not a product I would use every day, but good for once-in-awhile-build-up-removal and straightening.