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Jun 19, 2013 - Maybe Brittni is great for people with VERY curly hair. My hair is 2C. My hair in back and underneath has very shaped tightish ringlets. However the hair around my crown, on top all the way around is harder to curl, not as tight. It is harder to style curly, but I do it often. I had been using DevaCurl Angel w.great results. I would apply it liberally right out of the shower, diffuse and go. Until I saw Brittni. She dismissed my questions and never gave any solutions. She did not even finish styling my hair, but instead had me leave w/wet hair!! She had started diffusing it, but stopped before it was all dry, even though I told her I like big hair. Even though I told her I have to work hard getting curl around my crown. Not only did she disregard my questions, she did nothing to show me how to style that area of hair. She didn't finish drying the part of my hair that is hardest to curl on it's own. It was wet and totally flat when it dried. It was embarrassing when I met my date for dinner after. I like my curls in action all around my head, not laying flat and wet. I told her that. I spent a lot of money to leave looking like I had just gotten out of the shower. She said my hair would be "wonky" for a while before my curl shape returned. About 10 days later I returned to her unable to create any curls, just frizz. I was forced to curl/flat iron my hair daily. She cut the hair around my crown, again did not style it at all. If my problem area was clearly described around my crown, why wouldn't she show me how to style it? I was charged AGAIN. My curl shape took several weeks to return... right when it needs to be colored again. I communicated what I wanted well, she made excused for why she didn't style it all over, saying it wouldn't be good for my hair etc, when what it really was is that she had another client waiting or maybe she didn't know how to create better curls in that area. The only she did do well was the color. I was very happy w/how the color turned out. But, I won't be wasting my money going back to get a horrible cut.