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Ouidad - New York, New York, United States

Mar 09, 2010 - I went to Ouidad Salon and had an appointment with Ouidad herself. I splurged and paid A LOT of money to have her do my hair. I had read a ton of reviews on the Ouidad website all raving about their experiences. NOT TRUE. Ouidad kept me waiting for 1/2 hour, while taking her regular clients that showed up after me. Her 'assistant' does most of the work, and Ouidad yelled at her saying she wasn't talking enough to me in describing what she was doing and fined her assistant $10,all in front of me. Ouidad would stick me under a hair dryer and leave me,after 3 hrs. of being ignored with a wet head, and being shoved under dryers or my head wet sitting in the chair, I finally started showing my frustration. Ouidad herself was chatting up her regular clients and didn't look twice at me. I was there a total of 3.5 hours and Ouidad apologized. Was it worth it? No. Not to pay for her AND an arm/leg for all the products they sell you. While I like the products, thats where she makes all her money. I never went back. I also left work early for this treatment.