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Ecoco Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel Krystal

Dec 30, 2011 - I found this gel years ago after I found out I'm allergic to most perservatives and bought it solely based on ingredients. I used the pink gel first (medium hold) since that was what i found, then clear, argan oil and finally back to clear. I have to say, I like the clear the best. It is inexpensive (necessary for me since I'm in grad school) and lasts a while. My complaints are that it takes a LONG time to dry (I suppose that is true with all gels) and it seems to lose its hold as my hair dries. I know it isn't just me - I introduced this product to a friend of mine and she had the same complaint. I end up needing to apply gel two or three times as my hair dries and I use a LOT of gel, so I'm not sure why that is the case. Big pro is that, unlike some reviewers, I have no problem with itching or flakes and I wash my hair every 4 days or so. Between washes I squeeze in some water and re apply the gel, but don't have issues with build up. That was one reason my friend started using it too, and she said her itchy scalp has gotten a lot better since switching to this product.

Kinky-Curly Knot Today

Dec 30, 2011 - I have 3b hair that starts to get very nice thick tight ringlets the longer I go without washing. I bought this on a whim because I normally don't have a huge budget for hair products and find that the more expensive stuff isn't worth the extra money. I thought my hair could benefit from a leave in and the treseme silicone free conditioner is a bit too thin. My hair LOVES this stuff. After I wash with a no-poo (which I only do every 4 days) and detangle with the cheaper treseme, I rake about 2 nickel sized amounts through my hair. When my hair is wet, it is past the middle of my back and while my hair is fine, i have a lot, but don't need much of this stuff. It helps my hair clump without weighing it down and provides moisture my hair desperately needs. Plus, it smells great. Days 2-4 I squeeze water through my hair in the sink and apply a similar amount squishing it through the back of my hair where it gets the most frizzy, so I end up using it daily. I've had it for over a month now and have just gotten through about 1/2 the bottle so the price ends up being pretty reasonable.

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The Salon at 10 Newbury - Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Dec 29, 2011 - I live in CT but the curly stylist I saw - the only curly stylist in my area of CT - moved out of state. Since I go to Boston regularly, I decided to give Salon at 10 Newbury a shot after reading the positive reviews for Dailin. She, however, was out of town the week I was going to be there and I needed a cut pretty badly (I go 6+ months before a cut, the life of a grad student...) The receptionist said Christopher did curly cuts and I decided that would be fine. I've been to Christopher twice now, and I have had great cuts. The first time I wanted my "trim," keeping it long since my 3b/c hair curls best with length and the second time, in the middle of the summer, I impulsively decided to go shorter, slightly longer than shoulder length. Both cuts were very very good. Christopher listened and took his time. He didn't push products. However, I am not going back. I debated for a while, hence the 4 star review, but I've decided to move on from Christopher. Christopher kept hitting on me the ENTIRE time I was in the chair. Deva cuts take quite a bit of time and while I'm not sure if it is my hair or if Christopher just wanted to keep me in the seat longer, I decided I don't want to deal with over an hour of uncomfortable exchanges. I found it especially disturbing the second time when he 1) recognized me and 2) remembered that I have a boyfriend and am off the market. The first visit I let it slide because the cut was amazing, but after the second time, I decided it wasn't worth it (especially @ $100/cut). In sum - great hair cut so if you are a guy, or not particularly attractive, or don't mind a borderline inappropriate stylist, then I'd recommend Christopher. I just don't find constant compliments about my appearance flattering, and comments about how "if only i were single" pleasant. Instead, I'm going to try out Freestyle in Watertown.