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Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
Carlos Flores

Jul 27, 2010 - I reviewed this salon June 27, 2009 but somehow that review miraculously disappeared, so I wanted to try adding it again to share my experience. I visited Carlos at the Mario Diab Salon on June 25, 2009 for a wash, conditioner, cut and style after reading glowing review after glowing review. The staff was friendly and they seated me pretty quickly. Carlos was very friendly. He told me about how he grew up with curly hair and about his sisters, his family, etc as he looked at and felt my hair. I explained that I was growing out my color to embrace my gray hair, that I had some heat damage from flat-ironing and that I had recently purchased the DevaCare products but had not yet used them as I was waiting to try them out on my newly Carlos-coiffed curls. I also told him he had carte blanche to do whatever he saw fit to my bra strap-ength hair 3C. Carlos chatted with me as he snipped and snipped behind me. He spent about 20 minutes snipping small pieces of hair and then twisted a couple of tendrils near my face and secured them with bobby pins as a style option. He sent me to have my hair cleansed with Deva No Poo and then conditioned with Deva OneConditioner. A good amount of conditioner was left in my hair and he also added some AnGel and Set It Free for styling. He raked the products through my hair and added metal clips at my roots before sitting me under the dryer for about 45 minutes. When my hair was dry, Carlos fluffed it up a bit and revealed pretty much a curly bob that sat just above my shoulders. He told me to wash my 3C hair daily with Deva No Poo and come back in six months for another cut. I paid $140 dollars, explained to the cashier that I did not need products, tipped Carlos $30 and left the salon, not realizing that I had only been shown a front view of my hair. Upon arriving home and inspecting the back, I noticed that while I had a bob on the front and sides, I had about 5 or six long curls in the middle of the back of my head that hung down past my shoulders about an inch or two. It looked rather odd, like some sort of funky shag haircut, so I had a friend come over to cut those pieces even with the rest of my hair. Carlos was very nice and sociable. He reiterated lots of information about not using silicones and sulfates that you find on, but I just didn't feel he did anything great or even near worth $140. It seemed as though he just trimmed off some of the damage (not sure why he left those long pieces in the middle of the back). He didn't seem to do anything to the curls that frame my face. Like I said, very nice guy, but I was unimpressed with the haircut I received, especially for the price that I paid. I didn't go back after six months and doubt that I will.