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Ambassadors - Concord, Ontario, Canada

Jan 16, 2010 - Wow, what an experience I have been having at The Curl Ambassadors. For the past 2 years I noticed that my hair was starting to break and I did not know what to do anymore. I decided to go natural but having kinky hair was a difficult transition for me coming from chemically treated hair. I decided to twist and braid my hair with extensions, but it was becoming a challenge and every time I took the extensions out, my hair would knot and break. By fluke I was sent to a hairdresser that dealt with natural hair texture by pressing my hair. My hair looked good but once I sweat or the weather was damp or too hot my hair would just frizz. The hairdresser told me that I have nice curls that I should try "The Curl Ambassador", so I went on the internet to get the address and booked my first appointment for August 29th, I believe. I was advised by Jaqueline that if I truly want to go natural that I should cut off any of the perm that was still in my hair. Of course I was petrified, but went ahead and chopped it off. I cried in the car all the way home because my hair was sooooo short, about 1 inch in length. I continued to travel from Thornhill to Toronto once a week to condition my hair and buying product after product because my hair texture is very course and I was not comfortable with the feeling of my hair and which product to use. I also collected a few samples to try out. However, my hair was so dry. I wanted to condition it and do treatments to get my hair healthy again. I was getting nervous but the staff at The Curl Ambassador believed in the products and the beauty of natural curls so I did not give up. The only challenge that I had was the travel time. Then one day after an appointment I noticed that I was not happy with my hair. I emailed The Curl Ambassador to address my concerns and the money that I was spending. I did not want to blame anyone because I saw how dedicated the staff was. I immediately got a phone call from Caroline one of the owners who listened to my complaints. She was the most genuine person that I have dealt with in a long time. Even though she did not do my hair, she knew who I was and really cared about my concerns. Caroline spent the time with me on the phone consulting with me on what I was doing at home with my hair. I explained to her and she reassured me that I was doing everything right and things will change. She also gave me some free products and discounts for future services. In our talk she told me that her 2nd salon was opening in Vaughan. I was so happy because my 45min to 1hour commute each way would be reduced to 10 minutes. I canceled my appointment at the Toronto location and booked at the New Vaughan location. This was one of the best things that I did for myself in a long time. I met my new hair stylist, Kamie, who is the most wonderful person in the hair industry. She really cares about each and every client that sits in her chair. She has taught me so much about my hair in my short 2 months of her doing my hair. We are both experimenting with my hair but kid you not, Kamie is leading me in the right direction, she really cares. She is also doing my two daughter's hair with patience and love. (One is 10 and the other is 2). My 2 year old does not let anyone touch her hair, but for some reason, Kamie has magical powers because my 2 year old sits for an hour to get her hair washed, conditioned and twisted by Kamie. Thank you so much Kamie for the time you spend with my family at the salon. Kamie has also given me a new look. She spent time consulting with me to a great color. She really examined my hair by testing sections of my hair until she found the right color. She also experimented with the products and found the Kinky Curl in conjunction with Carol's Daughters Hair Milk to be the best styling products for my hair. Kamie also introduced me to the single twist which I now wear for 2 - 3 weeks before I enjoy the company of Kamie and rest of the The Curl Ambassadors staff at the Vaughan location. The location is great, the atmosphere is great and most of all the staff is great. I feel like I am at a home away from home. Thank you Kamie for taking care of my girls and my hair and thank you Caroline and Betty for all that you have done for anyone with curly hair.