Corinne Bailey Rae's wash-and-go hairstyle

Stylist Ami Mankey of Madusalon in San Francisco dishes on how to get Corinne Bailey Rae's perfect wash-and-go look.

  1. The key to amplify this wash-and-go style is to amplify the natural curl pattern by making sure hair has enough moisture. Don’t completely rinse out conditioner after washing, then trickle some water on to re-wet hair.
  2. Before air drying, shake curls loosely. All the conditioner will give a soft, light hold and hair will also be frizz free.
  3. For extra pizzazz, scrunch in light-hold styling products on slightly wet hair.
  4. For extra volume when hair is dry, put your head upside down and rub your fingers on your scalp to backcomb the curls with fingers, rather than a comb. This will provide volume without the frizz.

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I'm pretty sure this is a braid out or twist out , and not a wash n go.